Need some help with using a Hitbox on PC

Hey fellas.
So I used to use a custom povertybox I built myself. When I open up Steam’s Big Picture mode, this “Define Layout” button appears and it allows me to map the controls.

I recently acquired an official Hitbox and when I go to this screen the Define Layout button isn’t present. (can’t put two images in a post since I’m new)

In SFV I can map the ingame controls perfectly fine, but I play with my macros on the left, and the default Hitbox layout has macros on the right. So while I can play the game just fine, menu navigation feels really awkward.

There’s also a setting in training mode in SFV where you can press LS to load a savestate. The official hitbox has four buttons on top of it, but none of them are assigned to LS, so I can’t use the setting, I would really really like to be able to remap my controls so I can use this. If anyone has any idea on how to map controls on the official Hitbox I would be really grateful to hear it.