Need some help with hit confirming

So I main Sakura and I’m having difficulty transitioning my 2/3 hit combos into a dp. I can land and crossup people I play all the time and land random hits which are landing but the minute I cancel into a DP they block it and I get punished. I don’t understand whats going on. Are there only certain chain of hits that can be canceled into a dp and land?

Do you know the difference between a chain and a link?

The last hit of your combos has to be a link in order to be special cancelable. There are some exceptions with Target Combos, but Sakura has none (afaik).

Yes, the last normal attack of your combo before a special move has to be a link, not a chain.

Just to clarify:
Chains - Done by using normals that can cancel to other normals to combo. If you cancel a normal into another normal, you cannot cancel the subsequent normal(s) to a special/super
Links - Done uing normals that can hit in a combo without cancelling the move. One move will end before another begins. You retain the ability to use specials/supers after hitting a link.

These only apply to multi-normal attack combos. Single moves can always be cancelled if they’re special/super cancellable.

Execution problems? I feel bad for ya son. I got 99 problems but a a link ain’t one.


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Besides chaining disallowing cancels, I don’t think all Sakura’s light normals combo into dp when canceled. I could be wrong about that, though. However, I think the safest option is to link to eg. or c.hp and cancel that into hp/EX dp. It gives you more time to do the dp motion too due to longer hit freeze. EX tatsu and even lk tatsu work too if you’re close enough. Combo eg. xx hp dp after lk tatsu, but pay attention to the range. Sometimes the opponent it too far for even to hit.