Need some help modding my T.E.2 for PS4/PS3

I wanted to mod my T.E.2 for Playstation but I need some guidance. My goal is to make a hitbox layout T.E.2 using the Akishop PS360+. I got the steel plate and plexiglass cut for me already and Im buying the buttons and PCB this Friday. The issue is I have no clue how to connect the Akishop PS360+ to the native pcb, and I would also like for the pcb to interpret (left + right) as neutral. Does anyone have a guide for wiring the PS360+ to the Playstation T.E.2?

It’s the same as wiring any other stick up. Read this to understand:

And I believe the ps360 already has SOCD cleaning when you update the firmware.

I read the article and it helped a little but I need something. Angled more towards using the ps360+ with the te2 pcb specifically. Thanks for the article though.

Do you mean you want to dual mod? Here’s the guide, there’s nothing specific you need to know for the te2.

Thanks man, this post is awesome. This is exactly what I needed.

So I tried going through this and still not very much help. Im sitting here with my akishop ps360+ and my te2 and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put these two together. I need some instructions on how to dual mod this up. Im making a hitbox. Can someone message me for one on one instructions?

What is confusing you about the process? Be more specific. Can you solder?

Okay, my apologies if I am being confusing. I am 100% new to working on arcade sticks and working on pcbs. I have done basic soldering. When I say basic soldering I mean I have soldered wires back where they belong. I need a FULL walkthrough. I need the akishop for SOCD cleaning for my hitbox layout, if it wasnt for that I could probably figure it out but wiring one pcb to the other confuses me as a whole.

I don’t think you will retain socd cleaning while using the ps4 pcb, that would only work with the ps360. sells a socd cleaner that should work.

The link I gave you before makes it as clear as it’s going to get, maybe you could watch a YouTube video for further clarification.
Basically, each signal needs to be linked between boards, ground and vcc need to be linked, and you need something to switch the d+ and d- lines between boards if you want to use the same output cable.

Is your TE2 an XBOX ONE version by default, and you’re adding the akishop board to it? If so, you’ll need the TE2 Crossbone, otherwise it becomes an extremely challenging dual mod.

I misread, you’ve got the PS3/4 version and are adding the akishop board to it? I guess I’m a little confused as to why.

Guys, I got this. He messaged me on YouTube.

FYI coming on here and asking for a FULL WALKTHROUGH isn’t going to get you anywhere. There are stickies and writeups and we don’t typically just hand over information. It’s all out there, you have to do your research.

@Phreakazoid I chose the akishop ps360+ because of the console support and socd cleaning. As I am new to this I figured that would be the best option to handle both of those issues. @vicko instead of hazing me and wasting my time while I’m looking for help, try being useful. Had you offered your services I may have even considered that an option. The wise decision would be to expand the fighting gamer/modding community as much as you can through being kind and helpful. It would help to extend the reach of your services and the the trust people have in you. Being a game grump solely for the sake of your small business is counterproductive, and unnecessarily rude. Im pretty sure allot of people here are hype for MKX, in fact I’m sure a alot of you may already have it. I’m just trying to get my stick together and if you cant or chose not to, don’t be an ass about it.

Sorry if I came of as rude but trust me - what I said was tame compared what a few of these guys would say to you. I’m not doing it for the sake of my small business, but for the sake of the integrity of the forum. If every person came in here and asked for “how do i X to X” there would be a million discussions and a million threads for every combination of stick/pad/whatever. There are write ups already done for convenience’s sake, you just need to replace whichever systems to match your application. It’s all wires and buttons, just need to match them up. There are little tricks here and there which is why those have their own specific threads.

As far as extending my services to you, I don’t shill myself to people as a solution in all cases. I am not a paywall. I responded to your message on YouTube and I came on here to help answer your questions, but instead you choose to pick a fight with me. I can’t seem to find the message I sent to you back, but I said that 1) The Dual shock 4, not sure about the TE2, already has SOCD cleaning, and 2) Do you have a custom metal plate already for the TE2 in order to have a hitbox layout? Pretty sure that’s “extending the reach of my services.”

If you want help that’s fine, but as I said in this thread and as you can see in every other “HOW DO I X TO X” thread, this isn’t a handout forum. A lot of us have done the hard work to make write ups and done the research to help new people such as yourself do what you need to do. Just because it’s not handed to you on a silver platter and fed to you with a tiny spoon doesn’t mean we’re rude. Calling me rude just because you didn’t get what you want is not the proper way to seek assistance.


Vicko rude? I guess you never had some straight talk from myself.

Look meat head, no one here is obligated to do fucking anything. Everyone here who post and tried to help does this on their own time, with their own funds out of the kindness of their heart.
Making a FUCKING FULL WALKTHROUGH is ALOT of FUCKING WORK! More so if you are trying to make a You Tube Video instead of just a web blog. And unless we just happen to start a new project, we have to spend hundreds of our own money to sit there and film every god-fucking-damn step, sit there annotate, edit and compile a video and hope we don’t hit any copyright flags and have our video made with out own blood, sweat and tears all go down the drain.

No one going to fucking hold your hands because you don’t want to sit down, do your research and learn the skills necessary to do the mod your self. All of Tech Talk is one gigantic resource full of guides, FAQs, work logs and discussions if you took your time and read, you would not need your hand held and need a FUCKING FULL WALKTHROUGH.

We have no problem helping people here, but you have to be willing to do your own homework. You really need to understand what you’re doing before jumping into modding, just having someone give you ultra specific step by step instructions specific to your stick won’t help you down the line.

Opting to use the PS360+ with your PS4 atm requires you to reset the controller every 480sec.'s. Read up on and research dual modding common ground pcbs on the forums, few folks have this setup + a ds4/hfc4 pcb for ps4/3 in their XB1 TE2s as well.

You should get a Hori Fighting Commander 4 for the PS4/3 support since your title didn’t mention the desire for X360 compatibility. Then sell or barter your PS360+ to offset the cost to pay someone to complete the padhack.

Unless you read up on slagcoin and do it yourself, which would make for a great worklog!

I got to say that it’s absurd how many identical questions (read new threads) get posted in a week or month and all the info is already in most stickies. I don’t think anybody would complain about a repeat question in the Q&A thread, but all the PLS GUIDE MY HIPS threads are getting stale and unnecessary and I’ve only been following actively for a few months now. I can only imagine how the old timers like @Darksakul must feel.

Honestly, rather than using a ps360+ he should have gotten a SOCD cleaner like they mentioned in the earlier comments. The PS360+ has software SOCD cleaning which won’t pass through to other PCBs.

I had not considered a SOCD cleaner at the time of purchase, which was before I made is thread.

Alright, Viko mb. I’m just used to how people tend to act on threads and I was prepared for the full ass fuck that usually follows a repeat post or question asking for what people would consider too much. Fact is I jumped head first into this project with a) little to no knowledge and b) the wrong God damn tutorial. So I am stuck with what i have, trying to make the best of the situation. From what research I have done, I have found that MKX supports the akishop ps360+ A have tried using a few guides including the one Camacho have linked. The guide feels more like a theory of joystick modding than a specified guide, which it is. I understand that a specified guide takes time and is not often something people make for no reason but seeing as there are so many specified guides for the TE original, I figured the community would be offering ones for the new stick soon. my intention is not to be rude myself or ask for too much but honestly, I am in over my head.