Need some help Modding a Saturn Hori stick to use on the Xbox 360

Well, I was down at Good Will yesterday, and spotted a Hori pad for the Sega Saturn. I have not Saturn, but I do have a 360 game and Playing Pac Man and Metal Slug would be a lot better with an Arcade stick, but before I start busting open controllers and soldering wires, I wanted to ask for some advice.

To start with, here is how the stick looks like inside:

The PCB I want to use is this one, the Xbox 360 Mad Catz Arcade Stick:

So, from what I have gathered, I am going to have to cut off the little plug things holding the wires together for the Control stick and Buttons , figure out which is the ground (Looks like the 8 buttons share the same ground while each direction has its own), and solder it to the correct points on the 360 PCB. My guess would be that I would solder the ground for the buttons to to ground point next to the Right Button Solder point, but where would I solder the grounds for the control stick? Also, from what I have gathered, I am going to have to make the analog sticks and trigger neutral with some 5k resister (And I am guessing I would need 6?).

And am I over looking any thing?

Oh, and in case anyone cares, here is what it looks like on the outside:

Also, on a side note, any chance this thing could be worth enough for me to sell it and just buy the Hori pad for the 360 so I don’t have to do a bunch of soldering?