Need some help in the right direction

Im buying my son the Hori v3 from gamestop for 50 I believe, and Im searching the boards and I might have missed it on tek innovations website but where in the world is the template or is there even one? Also is there a plexi I can buy somewhere also? I have the TE2 for my xbone and he sees mine and wants to customize his that he is getting for his ps3.

Any help would be awesome thanks guys.

This question would’ve been best posted ACTUALLY in the thread for the stick itself.

You’re referring to the Hori Fighting Stick V3, correct? Keep in mind that Hori makes many products with the suffix “V3”, so just saying that extremely vague.

There is no template for the Hori FSVX/V3 at Tek-Innovations, Art does not offer a plexi for that stick.

I believe there may be a PSD somewhere in the thread for this stick, however:

You’ll need to either print on Lamilabel or self-adhesive vinyl, or do like me and cut your own plexi.

excellent bud I appreciate it… And yah that mustve been my problem it is the fighting stick.