Need some help fitting a new faceplate (image template) to my fightstick (TE)

I’ve recently opened my TE stick up. I have put new buttons in and a new ball top. Yesterday i printed out a crappy little practice template at Staples (just 11x17 computer paper) and I got it to fit pretty well. It looks alright, but i have no idea how i would cut the holes out and whatnot if i used a harder, more laminated piece for my new image. I’ve seen a lot of videos but i can’t find any that go over how to put on the new image, i don’t want anything fancy with those sweet plexiglass like covers that i’ve seen, just a new laminated image.

Any tips? Video references?

Exacto knife VERY carefully. Thats what I have read but I am personally going to the guy in my sig because he laser cuts all the holes and prints the art out on the best material.

Its only 10 bucks for him to lasercut and print out your template (To me it is well worth it because I am not a precise and patient person to be cutting with an exacto knife). And there is some Elmer’s spray glue you should use so in the future it will be possible to take the template off if you want to change it again.