Need some good players

Im getting ready for summer jam in Philadelphia. It’ll be my first tournament. I’d really like to play with some good players on XBL and get some help and feedback on things to improve on and such. I main Hugo, gief, and ogre. Feel somewhat confident with kazuya and would like to learn more with Cody and guile.

Xbl- LordFlopyRoostr

We have no good players here. Sorry. :frowning:

You can try evenhubs though, I hear those guys have sick tech.

excerpt from a character guide: "Asuka is extremely good at the neutral game"
Clearly superior user base.

…seriously though, just go through the **[matchup directory](SFxT Online Match-up Directory or grab xbl tags from people’s sigs in the **[general discussion thread](SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive You’ll get some good opponents that way.

Lol. Yea I’ve done that. Theres a lot of ppl who r done with this game tho. A lot that I’ve added

Thats y i made a current post. Abel looks pretty good in this. Would suit me pretty well with his grabs and mix ups