Need Some Character Advice

Figured this would be the place to post and ask about this rather than elsewhere. To start off I played Vanilla SF4 quite a nice bit and for the most part only played Dictator. But now that I have begun to play Super and for the most part trying to take it much more seriously so that I can improve my overall skill level and such…I am not sure at all who to stick with and play.

I have been having a lot of fun using Abel but I am unsure if I should stick with him since I can only play at a real intermediate level currently. By that I mean I can finish most of the trials, know the basics of frames and hit boxes, character specifics and can perform some complex combo’s during a match. But I like to play offensively, sometimes maybe too much. I was just wondering if any of the more experienced people of this board can tell me if I should stick with Abel or perhaps there is another character that is more suited to a aggressive playstyle? I am about even with Motion and Charge characters in execution.

I’m very much like you. I really started out in Vanilla SF4, I’m trying to get better and take it seriously and I also played Dictator. The thought of changing up characters has crossed my mind as well and I’m not sure if I even know who I’m really going to stick with yet.

However, if I could get up on my limited experience soapbox and offer some advice for choosing a character, it would be to pick someone you DO have fun playing with. Seriously think about what that means though. If you’re having “FUN” playing a character, chances are you’re using a character that somewhat suits your play style, that feels right to you, and that you feel comfortable with. All that has to count for something right?

I also played Abel a lot in the beginning, and I watched a lot of vids on top players who played him and I’d venture to say that he’s a character who can be played offensively very well. In fact, a lot of his strengths are in his ability to create mixups and keep the player on their toes, which is a heavily offensive tactic.

I don’t know that you’re going to find an answer for a specific Character that has an “aggressive” play style, because the play style is totally dependent on you. You have to develop that play style on your own, over time, and through practice.

So the short answer is, if you like playing with Abel and he’s fun for you, then stick with him and LEARN how to play him offensively and develop that skill set. The same could be said for Dictator (check out Valle’s rushdown Dictator). Just know that it’s going to take some time and you’re going to hit a wall or two that will test your determination with getting good with a character. When you do, don’t give up and switch to some character that everyone else is saying you should play because it’s Easier or Top Tier, then you have effectively learned nothing.

If you want to learn some fundamentals about offensive play, check out the Footsies Handbook on Sonic Hurricane: