Need some Brook universal fighting board help

Built an arcade machine with two Brook boards. One for player 1, one for player 2. Plugged these into the Xbox one - only one at a time - and they work. If I have both plugged in at the same time, only one works.

I have made sure to update to the latest bios (as of last night). No help.

Has anyone plugged in two fight sticks with a brook adapter into an Xbox one at the same time? Anyone ever seen this??? Help plz!!!

Here is a pic of the setup

Do you have a powered usb hub you could try?

I can try that… do you have one you recommend?

Doesnt your monitor have one? Just try that.

No, it’s a cheap tv, no usb. Temporary until we wall mount a 70"

Just try whatever you have or can borrow. On ps4 only one stick working sometimes occurs when the console cant provide enough power for two sticks, so this might be similar. Sometimes having less devices (diswasher, tv, console etc) on a single electricity circuit also helps. That said since this is on xbone it could be something entirely different aswell.

Thanks for the help… will do that when I am back in the office and report back with my findings

Just following up… I am now able to use both controllers successfully. I bought a powered USB hub from Walmart and now it all works as expected.

Dubon, thanks a lot for the help!!!