Need some advice for barfights tomorrow

-This tourney is xbox only.
-I have a PS3 with a pad.
-My friend has xbox and a stick.
-I have only played vega using a stick at the arcade at CTF a few times, but not enough to play as effective as i do on a pad.
-I have played on xbox when sf4 first came out.

So here’s the dilemma, do I have my friend bring his stick or pad for me to play on? I was thinking i could warm up with the stick before the tourney, or head to CTF and play a bit. Then i realized it might be better for me to just use the xbox pad since the button layout is the same, I would just have to adjust to the sensitivity of the pad.

Any tips from people who have used both a stick and pad for vega?

If you do not have a lot of experience with a stick then you are going to be slow in your commands or have to think about it too much. If you are a pad player make sure your friend brings his pad. Plus some people there might not take you seriously so that could help you with a mental edge.

I was in the exact same situation as you a couple days ago Shack. I chose to use the pad (I have a stick aswell but I’m much better at playing pad) however xbox dpad is shit, so I was forced to take ultras out of the game.

I came fourth though =D

The best advice I could give you is to switch to stick permanetly. This goes well beyond bar fights. Make the transition, and you will never regret it.

Yeah I’m leaning more towards the pad. Thanks for the input.

I would like to go towards a stick, but I don’t want to spend 120 bux on it right now unless I think i’ll be winning the money back :confused: I’ll have to see how I do in this tourney and then think about it later.

i thought the same thing…but i spent the money and it was well worth it…like brento said you wont regret it!

The Slagcoin website converted me to stick. My thumbs are thankful.

You probably won’t with vega.

I’d say try to invest in one of these

I saw it and thought about selling my PS3 SF4 and getting the 360 one just because i hear there are better players on 360. But I didnt think itwas worth it just for SF4, but now I’m also thinking about getting BlazBlue. The only thing is that you’re going to need to plug in a WIRED 360 controller into this converter first so it reads what the original inputs are, after which you plug in the PS3 controller so it maps the inputs to it.

So obviously, this is not going to work wirelessly.

Really Shack, if this is your first tourney you’re probably gonna fuck up badly anyway. Think about switching to a stick after the event.

The Xbox pad isn’t that hard if you use the ps3 pad, tho stick to pad or pad to stick is really hard since you hands are very different postions.

I think would the xbox pad would be better then using the stick if you haven’t really use the stick that much.

Good luck.