Need Sky Dance help - ground bounce vs fly away

Hey, I’m kind of noob at this game and I can’t figure out the properties of Sky Dance.
Sometimes Sky Dance will get the ground bounce, other times it will send them flying away.

It gets really unpredictable when I do this combo:
… Volcano, Beehive, (back-dash) S, Clay Pigeon (only 1 H), Stinger (wallbounce), Air Trick, Sky Dance …
Doing this combo will sometimes do the ground bounce, but will more often make them “fly away”.

So please, what should I do so that this combo always makes the opponent ground bounce?



  • Read somewhere that the other character has to be above Dante for Sky Dance to ground bounce, but there has to be a lot more to it than that since I’ve seen it ground bounce while Dante was well above them.
  • Adding j.H before Sky Dance doesn’t seem to help, makes it worse if anything.
  • Doing the corner combo: … Cold Shower, Stinger, Bold Move, Sky Dance … seems to give me 100% ground bounce. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

4th question in the 1st post