Need rundown of assists and capabilities with assists

Need rundown of assists and capabilities with assists

I’m looking to make a thread in the general mvc3 forum that helps explain how the assists work and how assists work for each specific character. Basically I’d just like a quick rundown of 3 things.

1. A generic description of each of the character’s 3 specific assists and their uses in battle for offense/defense/adding hits to combos etc.

2. A general rundown of which assists work well for their rushdown/defense/lockdown etc. Something like this…



Reliance on assists on point without XF = Reliant
Reliance on assists with XF2 = Moderate
XF3/Anchor abilities = Solid

Strong assists for lockdown/pressure: Haggar lariat (stops opponent from attacking, hard knockdown for s.H OTG on hit) Ammy Cold Star (long mix up lockdown), Arthur Daggers (fast start up, long mix up lockdown) Sent drones (long mix up lockdown), Chun Li legs (long mix up lockdown, fast activating), Dante Jam Session (long mix up lockdown, keeps aerial characters grounded), Dorm Dark Hole (long mix up lockdown) Akuma tatsu (aerial lockdown, passes through projectiles during active frames), Iron Man repulsor blast (long lockdown, keeps opponent from jumping/flying), Iron Man Unibeam (standard beam lockdown), Tron Fire(standard lockdown, protects your block strings), any other long active multi hitting assist not mentioned.

Strong assists for projectile and assist clearance or unblockable set up: Iron Man Unibeam (projectile/assist clearance, decent active frames for mix up), Shuma Mystic Ray(projectile/assist clearance, keeps opponents from jumping/flying), Arthur Daggers(projectile/assist clearance/fast start up), Wesker gun shot (unblockable set up),Akuma tatsu(absorbs standard beam projectiles during active frames, loses to large hit box projectiles like Dante’s Crystal or Hulk’s Gamma Wave), Storm Whirlwind (projectile/assist clearance), Deadpool Quick Work (unblockable set up), Magneto Disruptah (projectile/assist clearance),Felicia Rolling Buckler (unblockable set up, high priority against other attacks once active),She Hulk Torpedo (unblockable set up)

General assist strategy is to have an assist that locks people down or keeps them down to set up high low mix ups and air M box jumps (aka air dash M cross up). The reason why Doom is more reliant on an assist to lock people down even though he can move around and fly like Mags and Storm is that he doesn’t have a dash that cancels with normals. Whenever you dash with Dr.Doom you get the ability to cancel it into a jump instead. This is technically a nerf since it makes your wave dash reliant on forcing you to jump first. Making you susceptible to air throws even though you’re basically on the ground.

To offset this though once you get an assist that locks down once you get in you can create really long block strings with very minimal gaps since Doom has the ability to cancel his normals into dashes. This means you can lock someone down with say Ammy’s cold star and go for a mix up. If somehow you don’t land anything they still can’t push guard you because of the assist. Once the assist is gone you can start throwing out c.L’s and follow them up with c.H which does a lot of block stun and can be OS’d by doing c.L~c.H so it comes out on a hit or block but not on whiff. If the opponent push guards the c.H you can confirm with the plink that they blocked and advance guarded and then just continue dashing through the advance guard with jump cancelling your dash into an ADDF once or twice to stay right in their face. By that time Ammy Cold Star should be available to lock them down again and if they advance guard too much they push themselves into the corner and lose.

Doom on point isn’t very reliant on DHC synergy because all he wants to do is have his assists plus his normal dash cancels through advance guards help him push people towards the corner. If they’re close enough to the corner Doom has TOD’s that can do up to 1.15 to 1.2 million damage without DHC glitch. 1.15. to 1.2 is easier to achieve with an assist but you can still get 1.05 to 1.1 easy without assist once you build the 2 plus meters at the end of the combo.

Doom also goes well on point with any assist that helps clear up point or assist based projectiles or attacks.

3. How good the character is as an anchor.

Thx in advance.

about arthur: ive said it before, but arthurs dagger assist might just be the BEST beam tyype assist in the entire game… lets compare it to the other main projectile assists:

faster startup than unibeam/plasmabeam, way less damage scaling.
faster startup than task arrows.
3 hits, so is better for lockdown than disruptor, doesnt cause a softknockdown so is much easier to combo off of than disruptor against a grounded opponent.
and overall because of its speed on startup can be used pre-emptively to cover for blocked laggy moves.

something i just found out about arthurs gold armor that probably isnt widely known to non arthur players:

normally arthurs daggers on point and as an assist stop when they make contact with the opponents point character… ie they get absorbed. however when in gold armor they get a piercing effect that lets them go through the opponents point or assist character and stay on screen… which means that they can stuff other assists that spawn BEHIND point characters, and can lockdown/hit, point characters whos assists spawn in front of them.

this is pretty big since they also get a damage increase to 149k instead of 108 k if all 3 daggers hit, plus they get 5 durability points each versus 3 for non gold.

this means that gold powered up daggers are probably easily the best beam assist in the game when one combines the speed that they come out (ultra fast like chuns assist) the damage (highest damage after taskys slooooow startup arrows) and assist and projectile killing ability.

so basically imho arthur has THE BEST PROJECTILE ASSIST in the game when hes in gold armor mode. it simultaneously does all these things and can be used for any one of these reasons or for a multitude of them:

puts out massive durability points (15 low priority durability points)… compare that to dooms medium beam assist and doom only puts out 8 low priority durability points.
2 gold daggers completely wipes out all 3 drones from sentinel assist.

has quickest assist beam startup in the game at 34 frames startup… compared to doom (45) ironman (47) tasky (45) and magneto (35)

does second highest damage at 149k (tasky does 162,500)

destroys other assists cause of piercing effect of gold daggers +high durability+ quick startup
added damage is just icing on the cake when assists get hit.

primary weaknesses of gold daggers are 1 meter plus rawtag or 2 meters for dhc to get.
hits lower than all other beams so controls less space than other higher hitting beams… somewhat offset by not being duckable unlike unibeam/plasmabeam… but the low area of effect can be a slight nuisance when it wiffs on jumping characters.

if any arthur regulars disagree with any of this PLEASE feel free to chime in, i only wrote this up cause DJ asked me to and no one else seems interested.


Everyone knows how good arthur is as Anchor, but I’ll just write it up.

His Lv3 hyper is amazing, hits entire screen, except for superjump height, does 10 hits of 40k unscalled damage as every other lv3 hyper, has instant startup and is invincible all the time, if anyone does any super against standing Arthur, anytime, just respond with this lv3 and you will hit them for free.
Also, his lv3 hyper is the only one in the game that’s xfactor cancelable, and it still hits AFTER you cancel it, also, it hits assists for full damage.

Sometimes you can wipe entire teams out with pushblock into lv3 when someone calls an assist, and during the super you xfactor into golden armor and throw a bunch of projectiles at the same time for the lulz.

In xfactor, golden lance damage gets as high as 279k damage and combos into itself 4 or 5 times, killing almost anything on it’s patch, also, it does 78k damage ON BLOCK, and if fired with proper timing can lock someone in blockstun until he’s dead.
qcf + H is also insane during lv3 xfactor.

Most of time, if Arthur is the last man standing, with 4 or more meters available, I just throw some projectiles, Activate golden armor and xfactor and just stay on the ground firing all kinds of projectiles. If my opponent does anything, I can’t hit with projectiles, I punish him with lv3 hyper for the win.

Nice write up, dime. I agree that dagger assist is a great. Unlike Hsien-ko, you don’t need to make him gold for the assist to be useful. There is one major weakness compared to Doom’s and Task’s assist: they come out behind the point character. When using Doom or Taskmaster, you might not even see them on the screen when they get called, which makes them hard to react to. Those assists can help the point character out defensively because of this, whereas Arthur’s cannot.

Either way, it’s a great assist. I would compare it to Akuma’s Tatsu in that it’s great for lockdown, but vulnerable at the beginning. It’s like a lower priority, full screen Tatsu assist.

Arthur as an Anchor is where he is best. He really benefits from the speed boost defensively, and chip damage is amazing.

instead of the daggers I use the fire bottle, while in golden armor I’ve thown out a fire bottle assist, Ryu hit me with his beam super, and the fire bottle went under the beam and hit Ryu out of his super and I returned fire with a beam from akuma while Ryu was juggled from the fire bottle :slight_smile: