Need People to play on PC located in Northwest

Hello people/internet strangers/weirdos.

I’ve recently bought sf4 for the PC and am looking for some good, lag-minimized game play (which is hard to find on the PC version- I’ve noticed small frame links aren’t even worth trying to do).

I live in Portland OR so the closer the better. My current connection is 7 MB down, 1 MB up. My GFW live ID is Mario Lopez Fan. I pretty much play exclusively charge characters. Hit me up with a friend invite if you want to play.

I play sf4 on PC. I’m garbage though, and the stick I’m using is made by fisher price.

hat u gray fooox

Mario, there’s lots of offline activity in Portland right now if you’re interested. There is Jeromie’s on Saturdays and Last Wednesday at Ground Kontrol. Try some of these venues if you’re interested in the most lag free environment possible.

Sure. Can I play some of you guys over PC first to see how I match up? Send me an invite grey fox.

Another question: how does last wednesday at ground kontrol work?

I’ve been there before and just saw an sfII machine downstairs, a bunch of pinball machines upstairs, and a bunch of twenty somethings stuck living out their pre-pubescent fantasies in front of a crowd full of strangers during a rock band tournament.

Where does the street fighter 4 get set up? Is it a tournament? How often do you get to play?

It’s brought by community members (read: Ray) on last wednesday. I don’t know if he goes or brings his setups at other times though.

It’s 5$ for playing all night with all the machines set to free play. The setup that gets brought switches from t6 to sf4. We have a faint hope of getting two setups so that both crowds can be appeased.

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Send me an invite on GFW Live grey fox if you want to play some. I’m sure I could give you a couple of chun-li pro tips as well. And if your joystick sucks so much, why dont you buy some new/better buttons/stick?