Need info on DBFZ to make a purchase decision

So I have played Tekken, Injustice, MK and very little SFV. Could you answer these questions so I can make a decision about the game?

So Tekken, Injustice and MK have very similar combo system and in I2 and MK blockstring are easy to check.
My questions are: 1. How do I know what are blockstrings in this game and how do I create them or are they generally known?
2. What about hit confirming in this game? Do I just do a blockstring and if it hits i can get combo off? Can you hit confirm like kid buus kick that comes from the ground since it’s a single hit or are you just supposed to dial the next input in without hit confirming the first hit.

Answers to these are greatly appreciated!

Huh …
It’s like KOF XIV & Marvel 3. You do a combo, if you manage to open the enemy’s guard, then … by all mean, continue it and do damage. If you can’t open the enemy’s guard and you’re going to be punished, cover your fail with a support. There aren’t real blockstring in this game, since you can “guard cancel” tag out of guardstun. ( At the cost of your Support cooldown )

But you can cancel special move recovery frames by teleporting using one super bar. So it’s not that big of a deal.

By mixing up highs and low, the opponent is bound to make a mistake.

Well I haven’t played either of those games so I don’t know but basically the heavies can launch for a combo at least some of them yeah? So can I link mediums and lights into heavies for hit confirms or do I have to just commit to heavies and hit the next input for a combo (without actually hit confirming) and are heavies unsafe in this game? Thanks for your answer.

There is a basic chain combo for everyone :
Light, Medium, High.

You can cancel attacks in order of power :
Light, Medium, High, Special Move, Super Attack.

Launcher is Crouching High for everyone.

Almost every attack is unsafe when guarded, but since there a lot of choice to protect yourself from punishment, it’s not that big of a deal.

There are 4 attack buttons :
Light, Medium, Strong and Special.

L, M & H are self explainatory, but S does something different for everyone. Throwing a Ki Blast, Countering attacks, Calling for assists …
There there are Two support buttons to call for assists and tag in and out.
Then there :
Throws, Super Dash, Powering Up, Sparking Blast and Vanish attacks. Which you can put on shortcuts or just press the required combination.

Powering Up is L + S
Vanish Attack is M + H
Super Dash is H + S
Throw is L + M
Sparking is all the 4 buttons ( Regenerate your life and give you 20% more damage. Once per match )

You see Krillin is starting his combos with light attacks, then chain into mediums, and then once he can confirm he manage to hit the target, he continues the combo.

Double post

Thanks man a lot that was everything I needed to know will definitely buy this game!