Need Hi-Res pics of Japanese Control Panels (City Series, Egret, etc.)

First of all I just want to say that I did a ton of searching for the pics that I mentioned (both here and across a dozen other web-sites) and found over a HUNDRED pics of just panels. However, very few of them are taken from directly above and NONE are at a high resolution.

You must be wondering why I want these pics. Basically I’m making a custom joystick and want the panel to resemble a real arcade panel. I know that it’s not the most common thing, but it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

I’m pretty much open to any cabinet (Astro City, Blast City, Versus City, Egret 2, Egret 3–those are the one’s I know). But to be honest my preferred choices are Blast City and Egret 3. Also, Astro City is pretty easy to recreate and has tons of pics available. Therefore I’m not that much interested in Astro City.

By the way, when I say recreate I mean illustrate from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an illustrator. If I was, then I’d try to do recreate the other one’s myself.

So if somebody can please direct me to some fairly hi-res (1024x768 and above) pics of an overhead view of a control panel (with minimum flash or glare), that would be great! If you have the panel(s) and can take a pic that would be helpful as well. THANKS A MILLION!

EDIT: I prefer a single-player panel, but a two-player one is fine as well.

Astro City:
1-Player Astro:
2-Player Astro:
2-Player (8 button):

Versus City:


Guilty Gear:

New Net City:

Egret 3:

Vewlix (just a small pic):

You can see it here:

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Great! Thanks for these, they might come in handy in the future.

Some vector files of various panels: (Adobe Illustrator)

Can someone point me in the direction of a Viewlix CP pic? Thanks!

little off topic…anyone got pic of DC button template?? (Theres one by Kabal on joystickvault but doesn’t display for some reason)

I agree. I wanna make a similar overlay for a stick I’m planning.

Paint mock-up…

Dreamcast like Agetec stick?

HOLY COW! You got exactly what I needed! Thanks so much, TheRealNeoGeo. I’ve been looking for this stuff for weeks and now it’s finally over. You really know your arcade stuff!

Thanks a million!!!

Try my best ^_^.

Ohhhhh are you serious?! This stuff EXISTS?!!!

I didn’t even bother asking for stuff like this… I figured if it was out there I would’ve found it by now! Ahahah, good thread, so happy. :lovin:

EDIT: The stick layout thread needed a link to this. I’ve seriously been printing out 1:1 images and measuring them by hand down to the millimeter.

Looks like there are going to be 3 or 4 sticks like this floating around. nice design though. :tup:

We’re not alone

everybody, make sure to visit the wooden candy cab thread! help spread the word :wink:

yeah, don’t know why that happened anyway :shake:

Is that a crop of the panel or an actual design of a box? Also, how would anybody making that stick replicate the “shine” of the panel? That sounds like some hardcore printing right there, heh.

BTW, Yeton, it’s spelled Vewlix, not Viewlix. Hopefully that helps you find things easier. Arcade Flyer Archive - Vewlix

WTF are you talking about?

I was referring to the photo. Most people these days put CapCom or related artwork on their sticks. I’m trying to put something that resembles actual panel artwork. Nice try, though. :\

Just a pic I got from a japanese arcade magazine…

Wich parts layout is the Vewlix using? Or does it uses it’s own?