need help

i am struggling to find a complete team. right now my team is cyke-aa, cable-aa, ???
i dont know who the third person should be. i usually use cammy, akuma or IM but those dont usually work out great. i dont like using storm, sentinel, or magneto. who should my third person be?? help me out here

Doom maybe? IM works well to build meter for Cable, and Cyke can set up air unfly combos well.

You need a battery. Cyke and Cable both would love to have meters to burn. Since it seems you like projectile characters and want to stay away from execution-heavy characters…try megaman?

I would suggest Sentinel, but since you don’t want to use him, you could try the following…

Iron Man-B / Cyclops-B / Cable-B
Cyclops-B / Cable-B / Dr. Doom-B
Blackheart-B /Cyclops-B / Cable-B

I feel the need to throw out Tron Bonne-Y, just in case you’re looking more for damage than building meter. Plus, the three I suggested aren’t exactly scrub friendly…