Need Help with wiring

Hey everyone I wired up my t6 (360) but none of the buttons seemed to be working, after playing around I found that they are working but only if I hold down the a button, as in start button wont work but if I hold the a button and press start = pause menu pops up, this makes me think I wired everything right but something with ground maybe? like they are all wired to the a button? If anyone has had this experience let me know whats up with this.

picture please

off my phone, a little messy but what the hell
I wired up using a barrier strip and ide (i think he called it ) cable that I saw someone else on the forum use in their t6 for the buttons.

First thing I did was clamp down 11 wires from that cable on the left side of the barrier strip and then mounted the strip with hot glue, then I soldered copper conductive wire in what I thought was a daisy chain for the ground(probably where I messed up). after that I soldered wires from each button to the right side of the strip along with the ground from the daisy, and last I soldered the other end of the ide cable to the wires from the button wiring harness.

the only solution I thought up was after I saw other daisy chain examples that my daisy chain shouldn’t be connected on both ends so I cut a spot so it was like the ones I saw but that did not fix the problem as it is still only allowing me to press the other buttons if I have the A button held down.

just to help in deciphering that picture, the bottom left mush is the ide wires connceted to the button harness wires, the black wires from buttons to the barrier are their wires, the squiggly silver wire is the ground(daisy chain).

The barrier strip input order from top to bottom is Start Select Ground then buttons in order like a TE x y rb lb a b rt lt and the 12th position on the barrier strip is empty.

when I did my daisy chain for ground I basically started by the barrier and threaded the conductive wire through 1 peg of every button starting with the top green button going down to the bottom green button, then across the bottom row of white then up reversing through the top row of white, going up through the start and select and then back down to meet the other end of the wire where I started, I twisted the ends together and then screwed down the twisted end into the barrier.

I would check everything connected to that A button. Once the button closes, it completes your daisy chain, so the issue should be there.

Doesn’t seem like anything is attached to the A button but the ground wire which continues on to the other buttons, and the other wire to corresponding Ide cable slot for on the barrier.

In checking what you said I found what may be the problem but I don’t know why it would be, I would think that the buttons would just be in reverse. I noticed I didn’t make up for being on the underside and I soldered the buttons backwards as in the two green buttons which should be Px3 and Kx3 are in the barrier strip slots for X and A. I’m going to rearrange and see if that fixes the problem.

I found what the problem was. I accidentally wired the button harness to the ide cable wrong because of repeated colors, the ground was wired to the barrier input for A, I rewired it correctly and now everything is working, I added some rolls of pennies and now the weight on the T6 is perfect.

other problems i’ve realized are that JLF’s shaft is pretty long because of the slim t6 case but I cant do much about that, and when playing on a TE I always feel like I wish the shaft was a little longer, so I dont know if that’s a issue but the other thing is this new octagon gate I put on the JLF, I always thought of the octagon gate as an upgrade from the square gate, as if I was missing out on those extra edges. After playing on it for a while I think that if anything the extra edges are slowing me down and make the stick’s movement not flow as smooth as the square, I think the circle gate might be the way to go since the octagon ended up being worse for me because of the extra edges, maybe having no edges is what I am looking for, if not then I guess I will know that I definitely prefer a square gate.