Need help with Street Fighter Alpha1, AKUMA

i cant fight him, i am playing arcade verison, i tried the following as quoted off gamefaks

"You can only fight Akuma on the first stage!

Note: Do not pick any of the secret characters.

Highlight the character you want to play. Press and hold down start, strong and forward and wait until Akuma"

WTF… can someone clarify these instructions, I was able to get me and my buddy to fight bison in a dramatic battle but need your guys help to fight akuma

also i beat the game with RYU without losing a round and after the credits it said “a new challenger has entered” but there was no fight and no new characters, another WTF

That K-Groove of yours is growing very fast…

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spam what? I asked for how to do something jeez u guys are something else on here if your not going to help dont post in my thread

Go there and look around thoroughly, if your question isn’t answered then make a thread… in that sub-forum…

try putting $100 bill in the coin slot. works for me everytime.

notices ur av


thanks posted in the SFA thread, didnt know there was one.