Need help with ssf4ae2012 character choice (bad execution)

My exc is really bad and i dont have time to spend countless hours in training mode to improve it. is there a character that i can quickly learn and be somewhat competitive with low execution requirements? stuff i suck at: dragon punch fadc ryu ultra 1 and link combos


Let me copy over my answer from your other thread:
Well, if you suck at easy things like DP, 2*df (Ryu’s first ultra) and linking combos you’ll probably don’t find any characters good for your execution.
However, the characters what can be played with bad execution IMO (considering that you “suck” at DP) is Blanka (don’t take it as hate blanka players, I played him for a long time too) and Balrog. But I still don’t recommend choosing a character based on this. My recommendation is to pick a character what you like the style of and start to use him in endless. It’ll be enough to play a hour or so every day, believe me your execution will be fine in a week.

I’d say you just pick Ryu for starters. I took the easy path in the beginning (blanka) and it made me learn the game a lot slower than if I had just used Ryu. Ryu has low execution demands on safe jumps and Option selects which will make it easier for you to not only use these tools but also understand their importance. You should think of FADC as an advanced technique that you’ll eventually learn to use instead of just avoiding to learn it at all.

Not sure why FADC is something that seems to scare so many people. As mentioned above it’s a higher level technique that most players will pick up eventually. It just seems that a lot of newer players get scared off by the big bad FADC.

who do u suggest that has the lowest exc required?

My boy Cody:

See opponent jumping? back + :mp: or :qcb: :p:
No :dp: motions
Dead simple super + ultras
You can FADC a ruffian kick into U1 or just use U1 kind of like an AA if you wish (although maybe not the best use)

Give Cody a whirl.

you still need to be able to link when you use cody though

Are you practicing FADC into ultra ?
How are you practicing them?
What is the problem the shoryuken, the fadc or the ultra
What do you consider “countless hours”?
You’d need links with any character
How good are you at spacing and normals?

I had this mentality when I started playing. I didn’t think I’d take the game very seriously and just wanted something that would allow me to play at a average level online without a lot of practice time. The problem was that as I started to really like the game, my lack of execution held me back from utilizing more advanced tools and trying new characters.

In the past few months I’ve been working on more advanced execution and have been surprised by how quickly my execution has improved. There’s just this barrier you need to get through and once you do it really opens up a lot of new opportunities. Basically, it’s a mistake to avoid difficult execution when you start out. You don’t need to start implementing it into your online matches right away, but you should be working on stuff in training mode.

I actually know someone around me who doesn’t have great execution like op, I tried suggesting him to use balrog but it turned out that he also cannot play charge characters. So, I have no clue who else to suggest him ;/

I looked over the roster again, and I agree that you can pick any character. I feel like whatever is hard-to-use doesn’t have to be focused on immediately for any character. Your personal experience with each one isn’t going to be the same as everyone else. Pick who you think is cool! If it doesn’t work out, switch, try someone else for 2 weeks. Eventually you’ll pick up basic skills and suddenly realize you really like one of the characters.

If OP’s problem with his Ryu SRK FADC ultra 2 is the shoryuken input, the easiest way to do it is a hadoken input. The only difference is walk forward before you do it. So just walk forward + quarter circle forward + fierce and BAM! Shoryuken.

Pick Ryu and focus on the basics. You don’t have to worry about doing his FADC combos or advanced links or any of that shit. Just learn how to utilize his normals and special moves properly in a match while minimizing the risks you take, and you’ll get farther than the VAST majority of new players.

^^^this right here. walk before you run. Learning the basics of spacing, anti-airing, and getting a decent punish when given the opportunity is gonna take you waaaaaaay further than learning huge damage fadc combos right off the bat.

So many beginners focus on HOW to do the combo, they never develop a well rounded solid game to actually give them an opportunity to actually USE the combo.

and one last thought on using fadc’s: using them for HUGE damage combos is reasonably advanced. you probably want to start it off by using it to make unsafe moves safe. for example, if your ryu and get knocked down with 2 bars, feel free to dp —>fadc backdash to safety, or forward dash to try for a throw if its blocked.