Need help with SSF4, got real good at one point but have just been reeling lately

I main Cody and I’d consider myself to be pretty good as him, but lately online and against friends I’ve just been doing total rubbish, been doing stupid things such as jumpbacks at the beginning of fights, and online I do stupid things such as not stepping back when playing against Shotokans and getting my ass DP’d on wakeup. Find myself raging a hell of a lot. :mad:

Any good links to guides/advice?

Sounds like you’re not as good as you think you are.

First off, realize you’re not as good as you think you are. No offense is intended. I mostly play HDR, and coming to the realization that I’m not all that good helped me to get mad at the game a lot less. View it all with an open mind and see every match as a learning experience. Reflect on what happened in the last fight before you move on the the next and make note of your mistakes. Then try to think of what you could have done better. You seem to realize what a lot of your mistakes are, so mentally check yourself constantly during your matches not to make these mistakes. Go to the Cody section on the SF4 forum and read up on his match ups, strategies, combos and the like.

One more thing. It’s good to know damaging combos and ultra set ups, but knowing the basics on how to play against each character and learning to read your opponent is far more important than the combos.

Yeah, just annoys me that I’ve been playing SF since I got the original SF2 on SNES, but I suppose this is a complete different game, I’ll just take it as a new game and learn from the ground up again.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Just practice a lot (and smartly) and look back in a few months. If you put in the work, you’ll definitely see improvement. If you want someone who isn’t great at SSF4 to practice with with on XBL, add me.

I want to play with someone not great.
You want to try now Kenshin Homa?

I’m heading over to a friends house in about 20 minutes, but if you want to play until then, sure. And I mean it, I’m pretty bad at the SF4 series.

I’ll be on now.

This game is a lot harder than call of duty, you need to realize that. You don’t just get good in a weekend. It takes a lot of time.

That was random…

Accept you suck lol, theres a reason why you dont enter and win EVO… because you are a noob like me accept that and youll own other noobs and find it easier to read them.

Even if you are a gaming God you were a noob at one point and must get into that state of mind when playing them in order to consistantly own their ass’s, be more humble or dumb yourself down and accept there is a certain degree of randomness to this game ie; you can do everything right and play in the right mindset yet still lose to a new comers unpredictibility.

I kinda disagree with people saying you suck. The thing is, general tactics change! If you don’t adjust your game to whatever the current trend is, you will fall victim to them. For instance. The current online trend is FA on wakeup. They are expecting you to rushdown, and get a free combo. I kept getting owned with this, until I changed my game and started empty jumping more. Now I get free throws, supers, and ultras because I’m adjusting to the trend. In your case, your style could be outdated. If people are wise to a old tactic they will make you pay. Anytime you win 70% of your matches, then suddenly that drops below 50%, something has changed. Anyone who plays MW2 regularly has seen this too. What was a good camp spot today will be a death trap the next week. Switch ya style up.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the new players think they can get good at Street Fighter in just a short time like they did with the popular shooters out there. That’s why we have so many “Why am I no good?” threads around here. They need to realize that Street Fighter doesn’t work that way.