Need help with Plink Dashing on a pad

Hey all you Hsien-Ko diehards (you’d have to be to even browse this forum!) long time no see. I’ve been away from the game for awhile but I’m trying to get back into it seriously, so I wanted to see if there was any new Hsien-Ko tech and low and behold I found this gem:


As you can imagine it blew my mind how fast she could become with plink dashing, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it for the life of me. The video’s description states “plink dashing using her launch” which indicates to me that he’s using her launcher during the input process, but doesn’t display the inputs so I’m not sure if that’s even possible. I also watched the video referenced in the description, but even after listening to the tutorial I just couldn’t get it down.

So I was wondering - are there any Hsien-Ko players out there who are able to plink like this and wouldn’t mind posting a video showing their hand motion? I play on a pad, but if stick is your thing that’d be just as helpful.


Edit: Found a video with what appears to be a good example of how to two-button plink using H~L+M+H on a stick, but I’m still having problems. Maybe I’m just not pressing them fast enough or something?


Well, I’ve tried doing L+M (I have that as a macro) and S and it seemed to work similar to how it was shown on the video, but not as fast. Then I tried doing it without the macro but with the same buttons, and I think I got the same results as on the video (Hsien-Ko started yelling as if she was going to do her launcher, just like on that video). I’m guessing that’s how it works?

Oh, and since you don’t understand plink dash, you have to press the buttons almost the same time, but with some space between them. Like a 1-3 frame space or so. I believe you should press S first, then L+M right after. I might be wrong here though since I don’t fully know plink dashing.

From some of the videos I’ve watched and comments I’ve read, using the L+M macro isn’t a true plink. I know what you’re talking about though; I was using that too and it made the dash noticeably quicker, but not nearly as fast as the example in the video, and I could only perform it usually twice before an attack would slip out.

When you were using her launcher for the plink dash, what was the order of buttons you pressed? Each time I try I just get a raw launch.

Maybe that’s why dashing seemed to be slower when I used the macro. Like I said, I then tried it without the macro and my dashes seems to be faster or as fast as the ones from the video. For the order, I think it was S then L+M. Though, I usually just try to hit all of them at the same time rather than purposely going for a specific order, so I might be wrong on that.

Reposting this here:

And to fix some misconceptions:
-You’d get the same result if you plinked L, M, H, or S to L+M, M+H, or L+H. This is a just a comfort thing to me at least, and maybe all stick players because I use type B, so I have S right where my thumb is. Just map any attack button where your thumb can easily reach it and cancel it’s start up into a two-button dash. There’s also the advantage of plinking any attack button other than S with a flight and air-dash capable character so that you can air dash straight across the screen. Also contrary to what I said, you cannot option select throws plinking this method than you would a manual plink(L~H, or M~H).

EDIT: Also forgot to add; characters who have specials with atk+S have a harder time plinking S~L+M. If not done right the atk+S move will overlap your plink dash input and you’ll execute the special move. SO that’s another advantage using L, M, or H instead of S.

So for you pad players, have a look at this vid: [media=youtube]5OjarcPmo_M[/media]
For what it looks like he’s plinking H(B) into L+M(RT) on a 360 pad. So I guess map your buttons where you can do this comfortably!

Thanks for the tips guys. I’m getting better at it but have to get the solid timing down so I stop throwing out raw launchers and H’s every now and then. It makes for a sickeningly fast backdash too.

The great thing about exploring this tech is that it opens up a whole new world of combo opportunities for her, such as being able to combo off Chireitou.

So that’s the video of hsien ko that I recorded and like I wrote in the description I was using her launch. I recorded myself doing it, showing my hands and then the screen with the inputs on. its actually extremely easy to do as you will see in the vid that I post later. in fact it is so easy that you can just mash it out and get it 90% of the time.

Also as a side note, the faster you do it the less distance you travel.

Edit: [media=youtube]irSIWvwhgIc[/media]
I’ll try to explain it more tomorrow.

I’ve definitely noticed this. Thanks for posting the initial vid and I’m definitely looking forward to the follow up.

ok i do it with m~macro and its fine for me however her timing seems different from other character, i think because if you do it too fast she barely moves so you have to delay a little i guess

but i have a question about this, why are you guys using s?
wouldn’t using a faster starting normal work better or am i thinking about it incorrectly?

It works with any normal. I use light sometime, and you’re right, you have to put delays between forward plinks or else she won’t travel, she’ll just kind of “rev up.” This can be used to psyche your opponent out, however.

It should be noted that Hsien-Ko’s backdash is really, really fast when plinking.

I know I’m super late for this but thank you Ranadiel for the video links, I was looking for just this information as I took recently got umvc3 and demand to main Lei Lei.

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