Need help with modding Hori 3 for use on PC

Hey people I want to buy this stick I notice that it has a USB in it, but does that mean I can use it for computer or PS2 or something else? Thanks, I mostly want to use it for my PS2(srry, Im cheap and can’t afford a PS3 - Thats how otakus are XD) and for GGPO.

you can use it for the computer, but you wont be able to use it for your PS2 out of the box you would have to mod a PSX pcb in it for that.

if you want that stick, i suggest you buy it at amazon. they sell it for the cheapest. i just got one yesterday from there. it was something like 60 total including s/h.

I won’t want to solder it tho… I would like to use it for PS2 for some classic SF.

For PC, do you just plug it in and your good? Cause I REALLY don’t want to waste my money…

Its good to go to work on pc out of the box. Cant play it on ps2 though unless you do add in a psx pcb.

thx a lot, that saved some time. I think Ima research this psx thingy, thanks a lot.

I’m no stick expert (never owned one =P) but I think ppl have had mixed experienced with the Hori FS3 working on PC.