Need Help with HRAP2 PCB

so i took out my HRAP2 PCB to put in another case and i forgot which wires went to the buttons ([] /\ R1 L1 X O R2 L2)

plus another question where do you get the boxes for the buttons (often pictured in the thread

Unfortunately mine is:
L1 [] /\ R1
L2 X O R2

While yours is:
[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

You can always plug your Arcade Stick into PlayStation 2.
Then touch each matching colored wire together.
See what that color activates.
Then you got your Button.

You mean the plastic trays? Sometimes they come with buttons ordered. Last time I ordered buttons from LL I got a tray for 8 buttons.

Not sure about the wire mapping though…

Here’s a tutorial that has a picture of the wires:

that’s how the HRAP2 was wired when i first got it

i only ordered buttons from, not LL thanks for the info

oh yeah forgot about that thread :smiley: