Need help with Camera Timing after ToS DHC whiff

Ok so I run a team of Super Skrull, Frank West, Deadpool (in that order) and I’m having trouble with the camera timing after the Tools of Survival DHC whiff.

My most common bread and butter that I’ll use to level up Frank will be:

Skrull - air dash up, stone dunk, S, M, M, H, S, call Deadpool Katanarama, Stone smite, S, M, M, H, S, Meteor Smash —> Inferno, …

What I’m trying to do is DHC into Frank’s tools of survival, whiff it, and take a camera shot, but the opponent always flips out of the combo right before they hit the ground. I’ve seen set ups like this with Super Skrull and others similar to it with characters like Nova work without a hitch, and even call Skrull again with the Stone Smite assist and take other picture for lvl 5, but I haven’t gotten it to work once and I’ve been in training mode for the past like 2 hours trying to get it down.

I was hoping that anyone that uses similar DHC tech could give me any advice as to how I can get this to work. Should I not be mashing when inferno comes out? Is there too much hit stun in the combo I’m using? etc etc. Please drop a reply if you can help. I’m really hoping that I can get this to work so that TAC setups are not my only option, because I’m sure that people will be more on guard of it since the new infinite tech came out here recently. Thanks in advance guys.

Well the thing with Super Nova (and this may or may not apply to Inferno but I believe it does) is that you have to DHC out of it about halfway through because those are the hits that cause a hard knockdown; the last ones cause an air recovery so you don’t get to take a picture. Try cancelling Inferno earlier.

Dude thanks so much. It works perfectly.

I’m getting really frustrated with this strategy of leveling up. It’s easy except for one thing. About half of the time, after DHCing with Frank to take the picture, instead of snapshot I get his stupid golf/bat whatever swing. It’s a really irritating problem because it basically means I burned 2 meters for nothing. I’ve tested it many times in training mode and I really can’t seem to guarantee that I get the snapshot. No matter what my timing is I seem to get the swing about half of the time. Anyone else have this problem? 

Raw S or the other special move? I don’t understand what’s happening.

Hey thanks for the response but I figured it out. For some reason the game is pickier about the qcf motion after the DHC whiff. I don’t mess up anymore as long as a carefully input qcf instead of being lazy about it like you can outside of the DHC whiff.