Need help vs Ammy. Also throws

My 2 teams: Zero,Doom,Sent. and Chris,Wesker,Dorm

The last 3 matches I’ve played all had Ammy, and all had the same general playstyle. Just doing Forward H H H H H without much else. I have tried and tried to find ways to beat it, also studying the guide. The guide says Ammy gets a -3 advantage after the HHHHH combo (solar flare). So shouldn’t I be able to get a free grab after that combo?

It seems I depend on throwing often in my game of fairly slow characters. Example: When Akuma does his Tatsu, I always try to grab but it only connect about 50% of the time. So is it possible to get a free grab? If so is there any advantage/disadvantage your opponent needs to be at?

ammy is all about pressure, so use push block and zone her; she has a hard time getting around, all she’s got is a quick walk speed, but the air dash is ass, and the dash is ass.

The reason you can’t throw Akuma is because he spends a majority of his recovery in an airborne state, which is unthrowable. That or you’re out of range. Probably both.

As for Dog, you need to pushblock more. Sitting there and blocking the entire 6HHHHH xx Power Slash string is not good because any decent Dog will call an assist to cover her recovery and then proceed to pressure you again. Whereas if you pushblock one of the H, the next H whiffs, causing Dog to completely lose her momentum (you might even be able to punish the whiffed H)

All regular throws are 1 frame. However, consider the fact that most normals in Marvel are safe against throws - even though Dog’s 6HHHHH string is -3 on block, Dog simply cancels the last H into Power Slash (which IS safe) and the entire string becomes safe.

There are not many moves in Marvel that are only throw punishable despite the 1 frame startup on throws. Most moves are usually safe on block, can be canceled into something that is safe on block, or leave you at a distance too great to throw.

When you do encounter a move that is that unsafe, it is usually unsafe enough to just nail them with a combo instead for more damage.

as everyone said you need to push block or get you’ll get arf’d