Need help understanding controller compatibility

I understand that there is a license key that 360, ps3, ps4, xbo controllers use.

I have a custom made arcade stick that uses the ps360+ board. On MKX(ps4) which supports ps3 fight sticks the ps360+ still get’s deauthorized where you have to reconnect which is a 2s process. If this happens in the middle of a match thats enough time to loose the match. I know I can build a stick using the guts of a PS4 with a solder pad hack but what options are there for third parties to produce their own fightsticks without sacrificing a controller?

I actually tried looking around on and for information on getting a license to put in my stick but there was nothing to be found. There is obviously a process but I’m sure it’s futile for an individual for a one off stick but I thought I would look.

Hopefully someone here has more information. I’m still waiting to hear from Eightarc about if their ps3 sticks have disconnect/deauth issues with MKX on the PS4.

I can fix your first issue with the 8 minute timeout in MKX. With the PS360+ you need to put your stick into PS3 BC (backwards compatibility mode). If you do this then you can use the stick, assuming you have a DS4 (or other authorized controller) to assign your legacy profile to. Below is a step by step.

  1. Turn on MKX with your DS4 or other authorized controller
  2. Hold down P1 + P2 (that’s punch 1 and punch 2)
  3. While holding P1 + P2 plug in your fighstick to the PS4
  4. An onscreen menu will pop up saying the sticks Firmware name is now assigned to your DS4
  5. Your stick will now work at the character select screen and in game. It doesn’t work in all menus though.

You’re currently using the default 8 minute mode where the PS360+ identifies itself as a DS4 which is why you’re having issues.

As for your other issue there is no such thing as obtaining a license for your stick. I won’t get into that though.

Thank you very much!