Need help understanding

When am I suppose to use c.Mk? I see no reason to use this move over c.MP. Someone explain to me what I’m not understanding?

It’s a low profile move and hits under low strongs, stand strongs/forwards/roundhouses/fierces. I think it’s because it sticks out just a bit further than c.MP but it goes under moves.

Watch the NLBC and Winterbrawl X Moons/Henry Cen matches. It hits a lot because people pushed mid but they get clipped by the low c.MK into Scissors.

I’d like to say the distance after two blocked s.LP, you can c.MK into LK Knee Press on block and it’s safe from 3f jab punish

Give it a try

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense now. I need to give it a shot!

Another advantage for is that it does not move his hurt-box forward which makes it a little less vulnerable during start-up.

It does have more range than and a max to lk knee press leaves enough space that even most mediums(ones with frame advantage) are not in range outside of stupidly long ones like Alex.

Ok I was able to try it out and its really helped me out. Im beating moves in some setups now with it. Thanks dudes!

Not sure why nobody bother mentioning this:

Most of the time for pretty much all other characters with at least a decent walk back speed they much rather walk backwards ro get out of pressure. So let say for example you do (blocked), lp(block), throw as a tick throw vs replacing the throw with, pb.

This mixup can be avoided completely by walking backwards for some characters.

However if you use xx scissors instead they can’t get away and they are forced to block low.

For similar reasons is the anti shimmy move. will always get blocked. And anything with a shorter range like throws or light moves might get whiffed punished