Need help training

wasn’t sure where to put this so i thought i would put it here :stuck_out_tongue: i am relatively new to fighting games and i bought third strike with free microsoft points i got off lovefilm practised with dudly in training mode for about an hour figured out some basic things mostly his chains and what his specials are some combos. played online maybe 10 or 15 games never won one got double perfected twice! most of my opponents had nearly full helath. and other fighting games too same thing maybe winning one or two games on injustice but there’s something in the basics of all fighting game i don’t get and i don’t know what it is. i need help from someone to jump online with me play a couple of games and tell me what I’m doing wrong. any help is appreciated.

You can request there for an online sparring partner…

Yeah, everyone gets their butt kicked in their first fighting game. There are other threads that explain your situation very well, you should look at those and see if they answer your questions before making a new thread.

Third strike is extremely unfriendly to new players. Moreso than almost any other fighter I can think of. Do your homework online of looking up techniques and just invest that time. You picked a rough one to start with. Good luck.