Need help removing a background from an image

I’m just starting with Photoshop, I’ve already cut the background out of one of the images I need for my joystick art. However, the other one is perplexing. I can’t seem to get the cuts just right, and it ends up looking crappy. On top of that, There’s on thing I can’t seem to do with this picture.

What I need: Someone with steady hands and a good eye to remove the background from this image, turn it into a transparent PNG, and Send me the full color copy, and (If they know how), to color mod it so that the only color showing is the greens in the pic, with the rest being greyscale.

Thanks in advance!

Here are the PNG’s. I also included the PSD if you want to mess around with it.
If you want something cleaned up a little more, let me know.

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That looks great man! Exactly what I needed, thanks!

No problem man

Hate to sound like douchey when I say this, but I just got to work on finishing my artwork, and found an aura of white around her when I zoomed in today (I was half asleep when i approved it, oopsie), and when I tried to clean up that aura, I further found that her eyelashes and eyebrows have disappeared. :sad:

Anyone up to trying their hand at this one?

If it makes you feel better I was half asleep when I worked on it and I am half asleep again. I put the eyebrows and eyelashes back on but I am not following what you mean by aura of light. Do you mean outline, reflection, or glow?

If anyone reading this feels that they can spot this quicker than me feel free and make the fix. The PSD is attached to my first post.

Because if you make the background black, you can see all the white being referred to.
I use IrfanView, so I see black background through transparencies.

But your new one is fixed.
Here is how it was before.

I think that is what Missing Person is talking about.
I’m not sure.

lol I got a strange feeling that I sent a draft and not the finished thing. Thanks for your help.

Hey, thanks again for fixing that up fo rme!

Don’t mention it. Sorry about the mixup.