Need help remembering an old tv special

Maybe NSFW… But there was this one weird special thing that must have aired on some type of PPV for a bit a few years ago. The primary theme was sex, yeah, but it was mainly a lady narrating while various different clips aired… There was this one that was a longest nipple contest between two females and the guy judging would rub ice on the nipple… Another clip was one of those asian ones in which they make a mold of something using semen… and the final clip that ended the show was memorable. It was “Jack Off and the Beanstalk”, the lady talking would say things, crack jokes about it while they played random scenes… Anyone else see this?

Didn’t see it but it sounds awesome

Just a wild guess: Katie Morgan on Sex Toys? It was an HBO special a few years ago.

Nah, don’t think it was that… but you got the right idea “HBO” special wise…
And it was pretty awesome, there was a sequel/2nd episode but it wasn’t as awesome, the focus of the episode wasn’t erotic so it wasn’t as exciting (to us back then)