Need help on modding acade sticks (First Time)

Yeah, I’m really new on this modding arcade stick and I’m getting one next week. I ordered the Mayflash PS2/PS3/USB Arcade stick and I read that it’s a good arcade stick to mod… which I wanna do. I’ve read other threads and stuff on how to mod it but I’m really confused on what to do. I need a brief step-by-step with full explaination =P.

Umm I used this site, translated by google, but some of them weren’t translated properly.

I’m good at soldering and desolder from tech class (y) so I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that. But I need full details on this modding thing.

Please and thank you =]

Using the search button… I found this

I found the same one, but like… I don’t understand it @_@
What I need is a video or something xD; Is there some video on how to mod a Mayflash stick? I’m like really new so I don’t really know what all those things mean.

I did a quick overview of the post searched and it made complete sense to me. If you are having problems understanding such a trivial post, maybe you should avoid modding your stick until you wiki lingo and component parts.

Lool, True, I gotta learn what this jlw and jlf means. Damn, Thanks though, smurftacos and gtn. I won’t give up, I know that, but umm… I think the problems I would have is the connecting the wires. I guess I’ll try and yeah, I’ll post pictures up for you people to help me out once I get the Mayflash Stick. Can’t wait xD

Here are some guides I used; it was my first time also. I hope they’ll help you.

The first one is perfect !. Thanks yo, this first link tells me what to solder and stuff, this is amazing =]. Thanks a bunch.