Need help on configuring stick on MAME

Okay, I’ve recently got MAME and A3. But how do I configure the controls for my stick>usb? It’s so easy to map the buttons in the other emulators I’ve used. Could someone please help? Thanks.


I’ve got the same problem but I need it to configure for my controller.

Also, I don’t wanna make a seperate thread for this: I downloaded the “advance mame” that has a GUI and I can’t get the damn thing to work (I NEED a GUI because I suck w/ computers)

Also, Mame says you need to type like “pacman -no sound” to get pacman w/ no sound etc. But the way I get mame to work is just drag the rom into the “mame.exe”.

Can someone explain to me how I’m Supposed to use it??

Are you using command line MAME or MAME32 (any variant)?
Use Mame32 so you don’t have to deal with 100 -options.
I haven’t tried Advance Mame but if it has a GUI it’s probably a variant of Mame32.
With the GUI you’ll be able to right click on the rom list and set options that way, if you want to have no sound or something like that (or fiddle with full screen options).

You should be able to configure your controls by starting the game, then after the rom loads, hit tab, and you’ll get a menu with various options.

fatherbrain here

on the main mame screen with the game list, options, default options, select the controllers tab, and check the enable joystick box. Then open whatever game, hit tab, and config to your liking

Worked, thanks alot!

Too bad that the version of A3 that I have is different than everyone else, everytime I make a game, someone comes in a exits real quick.