Need help on choosing who to main

ok im not new to the game ive been playing since to but didnt really want to up my game till now and ive been having trouble picking between ryu and abel i mained ryu for awhile read all the forums like crazy and the same with tutorial vids but for some reason my abel has been doin better lately. im not sure but i think its cuz im a little impatient and too aggressive at times with ryu and like to be in their face but with abel puttin pressure on them is easier. i need a suggestion on who i should focus on who should my first and second main. thanks for the help ahead of time.

Main whoever you enjoy the most. There is no “better” choice, any character is at least somewhat viable in this game and skills you pick up with just about any character will help you pick up others if you ever want to change in the future.

We can’t choose a main for you, it’s a decision only you can make. I came in here awhile back asking a similar question and ended up going against just about every suggestion and choosing a completely different main from what I had originally planned on.

tight thanks man its all just confusing right now hopefully itll come to me soon

Choose who you think you’ll have the most fun with. Might help to go to character speicific forums and check out high level play of the said characters to see which of those appeals to the most and know that is what is achievable.

These topics pop up like every day but the answer will always remain the same.

Pick Abel, so I won’t have to deal with another Ryu online

Seriously though, pick how ever you like, also it is viable to have 2 mains too. I use Abel and Guile and Ryu and Balrog all at the same time as mains, works for me when I have a really tough match-up against a character (except for Ryu)