Need help, modding Mayflash (I may be screwed)

Hey everyone! Just got my Mayflash in the mail today and eagerly ripped that sucker apart! I’ve been reading tutorials and watching video guides all week and thought i had the process down pretty well but I believe i may have hit a snatch and might need a new PCB. (maybe) what happened was this - i was removing the button board from the PCB, and in following a bunch of guides i used some diagonal cutters (dikes lol) to remove the current link from the button board to the PCB. in doing so it ripped up a few of the solderpads on top, however. I’ve noticed that their are pads on the bottom as well, and these might be sufficient enough to work. (maybe?) that or If anyone knows if it is possible to re-attach the solder pads somehow, or get something else from a local electronics store that may be able to act in the same matter.


if that doesnt work link to image

You can just take a hobby knife and scratch those green areas just adjacent to where the solder pads where. Gently scrape until copper is exposed and try your best to keep the copper surface smooth so solder will stick to it. Also better take note of what those 3 are labeled as because you will be scraping away those white letters.

if you had the same problem as me, read final edit

here’s part of the problem though, is i guess from the force of the dikes pulling it ripped the copper off of the board a little bit. It looks like (heres my best example at explaining this) those scratch off Lottery cards that are pull tabs instead.

Like this

Looking at those poitns with the missing solderpads. ABOVE those, where I would scrape off the white letters those are “Lifted up” like pull tabs, if i sneak an art knife underneath there and lift gently I see copper (Underneath the tab) and on the bottom of the PCB board a silverish color.

I can try to take a picture but it’s hard with my girlfriends enormous camera !

If you need me to try and explain it better let me know.

edit:: well, if i can still scrape off the green and still expose the copper it’s still connected to where it needs to be – correct??

therefore even if it -dangles- a little, i would think about replacing the board a little down the line. - however, could I use superglue to glue this backdown to the board? or will that fuck with the flow of electricity?

EditX2:: sorry this is such stream of consciousness - I figured out a plan! I will do what rtdzign said, and scrape away the green (this has already been done) I can confirm the copper is there and clean and shiny! I will then solder the wires to the copper, and then tape it down with electrical tape to prevent dangliness!

And i wonder, why didn’t I think of this first!!(the tape part)

Thanks for the protip Rtdzign!

Final Edit: All hope was not lost, I was able to scrape away and reveal the copper, i soldered my wires to the copper and then super-glued all the exposed wire to 1, secure the wire to the board (prevent it from ripping up the traces more) and to insulate the wires from touching.

Lastly, IT WORKS! fired up ssf4 with low hope and every button worked as it should. thanks AGAIN for the tips rtdzign you are my HERO!