Need help modding a Madcatz SFxT Fightpad

Now, I’ve seen people talking about putting tape on the inside of the pad to help the diagonals respond better.

Can someone show or tell me exactly how to do this, please?

I’d really appreciate it.

The first part of this guide shows how you can mod the d-pad.

My recommendation get a different controller

I saw that one, but there was another thread where someone said they put tape over the d-pad and it worked like a charm.

I’m just trying to figure out how and where to apply the tape.

Why would you say to get a different controller?

There are much, much better pads for fighters than the Mad Catz Fight Pad.
The Fight pad is best known in SRK TT for the PCB to be used in Dual-Mods.

Well, can you recommend some for me to try? I play on both systems.

**My Preference **for game pads are the Sega Saturn Pad followed by the Nintendo SNES pad. But when it comes to Fighters, Shmups and other arcade games I prefer using sticks.
Other people will state that their favorites are whatever fits their needs and aesthetics.
Neither pad will support PS3 or Xbox 360 as is, and you need some adapters or mods for them to work on.

Beware of the cheap knock off USB clones of these pads as they are sub-par quality.