Need help making Tony stronger

So to start off my team is Spencer Iron Man Sentinal along with Vergil Iron man Sentinal. I’m really trying to get into Iron man but I am having trouble getting in sometimes. Also if anybody has any tips on getting combos off easier. An for an added note if anybody could give some tips or give me a couple matches online I would be totally greatful. I only play on Xbox 360

Hello, if i remember correctly Danke on this forum plays an ironman/spencer team, you should also check alukard on youtube, and Joker (magneto/iron man/sentinel).
Sentinel assist (drones) help Tony getting in and f*** the opponent.

I picked some random vids for a start, have fun learning IronMan, and next time check the main topics, you’ll find everything you need to know about this character.

Thanks dude I have een looking at Joker like all week and totally forgot about alukard and danke

OOhh I switched to wesker from spencer. I like him on point a little better because i played him longer