Need help making the most of a SCV turbo panel

I have just modded my Soul Calibur 5 TE with a PS360+ and I have the player LED’s hooked up to the turbo panel. However I want to make the most of the panel and I want to be able to have the turbo panel do more than just have light up player LED’s. I tried looking some stuff up but I need help with the rest and would like confirmation that I am doing this right so I can get everything in one go.

First off since neither GND or KGND is connected currently, If i wire KGND to GND then the lock switch would constantly be disabled right? So then I could just wire the XGuide wire to Home also too right?
I also would want to make the turbo button to act as one switch for the configuration mode on my PS360+, and since the ground is wired up would it be possible to have a wire with 4 spliced wires connected to Select and 1P,2P,3P?

Also I already have plans to LED mod this stick with an FGW controller and I was wondering if it was possible to hook up the Turbo LED’s to the FGW as well as have the lock switch be able to turn on/off the pcb.

Could I just cut the two traces on the board for GND and KGND and then solder one wire connected to the PS360+ VCC to the KGND point under the switch and a wire to the VCC on the FGW on the GND point for this function?

And for the Turbo LEDs I was thinking of cutting the big trace for VCC for both rows of LED’s, yet cut it such that there is still a trace that connects each LED to the current VCC line, then solder in a different colored LED’s in reverse so that they would have a common ground and use the labeled button points on the remaining connectors to connect them to the output points on the FGW? Would this work? Would I need any resistors besides the provided ones because of the different types of LEDs (Using 3mm for buttons) on the turbo panel?