Need help learning new umvc3 team

So I’ve gotten all of the moves down for my umvc3 team, currently running Wesker/Deadpool/Hawkeye, and basic combos from training mode like c.L,M,H,S,a.M,M,H,S but I don’t know where to go or what to study from here on out. I get lost in the character specific combo threads, or rather I don’t know which ones to pick that will be worth my time. The only reason I say this is because it takes me awhile to pick up new stuff so I want to make my training mode time count. Are there specific BnB combos for each player that are clearly the best? just wondering where to go next.


At lower levels you can typically get away with LMHS>MMHS>OTG>S>MMH>Super. All three of your characters have OTG moves (Wesker has Samurai Edge, Deadpool has… I THINK it’s Katanarama, and Hawkeye has his air arrows) so I’d recommend practicing OTG follow ups.

After that you should try watching combo videos. They’re easier to understand than just a long string of inputs and you can get a better picture of how to execute them.

Don’t forget to practice your neutral game and your mix ups, too! Wesker’s got his telederp shenanigans while Deadpool and Hawkeye are at their best a screen’s length away from your opponent.

Nice! I switched Deadpool’s assist to Katanarama and it’s really helped out, using deadpool from range is also turning out to be a better strategy, Wesker’s teleports are kinda difficult to implement atm but I feel less predictable. Thanks for the help!

Katanarama actually is a low hitting assist; this means that you can set up unblockables by having your point character hit high (usually an air attack, some characters such as Spencer have high hitting attacks on the ground but I don’t think Wesker does) while Deadpool hits at the same time. If you do it right any human player will find it impossible to block.

Katana-Rama assist does not hit low, neither does the on-point version. If you want a low assist from Deadpool, you need Quick Work.

I recommend you get the UMVC3 Brady strategy guide. It is perfect for getting started.

Right on thanks for the input! Still figuring out the differences between assists that are low-hitting or not, and bought the brady guide and it’s been great for me so far thanks for the tip.