Need help getting better

I got this game like 2 months ago and i’m losing pretty much all of my matches. I’ve been practicing doing mission mode and even picking the spamming characters (hawkeye/dr doom/sentinel) and i still lose. My main team is Hsien-ko/deadpool/ironfist.

Any tips would be great

I can only assume you’re referring to UMvC3? Although I’ve never played the game because of the amount of bugs and broken things I’ve seen from gameplay out of it, I can most certainly assure you that picking the spamming characters is not the way to get good at any fighting game. Spamming isn’t exactly a valid strategy and will get you crushed by most with a clue of how to play the game. For the sake of the people who’ve played the game that will respond to you, wtf are you spamming with exactly?

First of all I think u need 2 change ur team but if u really like those characters then thats fine.

Second dont rely on mission mode combos since most of them r not very gd. Go to the character specific threads in here or go look on youtube 4 combos 4 the characters u wanna use

Lastly spamming (Keep away game) is not exactly easy and u can get blown up easily if u dont kno wat u r doing so dont even bother with that unless u kno the characters really well.

First off spamming for the sake of spamming isn’t going to get you anywhere. When you see people keeping people out it’s called zoning and as much as people will deny it, it takes more thought then simply shooting Hawkeye arrows and mashing Sentinel drones. Everything needs to be well placed and you have to know how to cover your openings.

Now as for your main team let me tell you something, that team sucks so you have your work cut out for you. As a fellow Hsien-ko player I can tell you right now she’s terrible, bottom three easily. I only deal with it because I love her that much. Iron fist is also considered bad by a lot of people but I think he’s okay, but teamed with Hsien-ko no way. As of right now I suggest you only use Hsien-ko for her gold armored senpu bu assist. You usually want to run her second and build the meter to safely dhc into her armor and get her the hell out. Either burn the extra meter to go into your last character which is optimal because you now have Hsien-ko in the third slot, but beware because you have to be prepared to use anchor Hsien-ko.

Apart from that you just have to keep playing and studying. Watch youtube videos and streams, hit up the character specific forums and learn how to optimize your characters to their fullest potential. Well good luck I know this game is a frustrating piece of work.

No no my friend, you do not put Iron Fist last :slight_smile: .

Take a look at this combo thread:

Pay close attention to the first 3 combos there. Those are the bnb’s I use the most, because I almost always run into a situation where I need one.

bnb 2 Should be used pretty much after any hitconfirm or jumping attack. The only exceptions would be against small characters, because they require certain modifications for the combo to work, or miss entirely. In this case, the safer combo to use would be bnb 1 because it is easy guaranteed damage.
Notice how bnb 3 starts with a throw. Expect to throw a lot with Iron Fist because mixing up with lows (unsafe) all day isn’t the best option for him.

Blacksonic21, I’d like Zesty to try Hsienko Senpu bu assist to back up Iron Fist rushdown/bait+punish. Any “get off me” assist can keep pressure against the opponent and prevent Iron Fist from eating a full combo if he gets hit first. Senpu also stays long enough on screen for IF to do safe blue/green chi. The problem you mentioned was getting Hsien-ko safely into gold mode. Maybe Deadpool could come in with gun assist for Iron Fist before you DHC out.

Here’s my idea of how you should arrange your team, Zesty:

  1. Iron Fist (Dragon Fang)
  2. Hsien-ko (Senpu bu)
  3. Deadpool (Happy-trigger :f:)

Let us know how it works and feel free to lurk around as Blacksonic/Sanada said!

marvel 3 is laggy as hell online. its hard to get good at a game like this.