Need help getting an av to fit into file limit constraints

After looking for a long time I finally found the av I was looking for. (thanks to scissorman).

The problem is it’s too big since I don’t have premium or something.

Is there any way to make this so I can use it and still have some animation in it?

thanks in advance.

Maybe you can ask Sasmasta, he might have a way. He made my avatar. He also has his own thread.

actually what’s the size for nonprem? i keep forgetting

dude…you are my fucking hero.

19k. It works. :tup:

Edit: Late post. :lol:

Can someone resixe it so it’s 50 by 50 pixels for another website? Also can you try getting it under 15 kb?

That sounds like…



Hahaha. Not hating, I dig dA. Lotta cool stuff [and if its not for DA, then whoops! Who cares!?]

I’ll try to do it for you Scissorman. One Moment Please.

Yup its Da. You have one?

Attempt One

Edit: Yeah, but I took all my ‘pieces’ down. They were all just MSPaint averaging like…10 views. :lol:

I need to get a scanner or something. :wasted:

I just wanted to say thanks one more time, I’ll probably never change this av again I love this one so much.