Need help getting a stick.

Yet another noob thread.

I got a Madcatz SE stick for PS3 recently and I just couldn’t handle the square gates cuz i main a shoto and can’t get those quarter circles as easy as normal. especially from the left.

so now i’m planning on getting octagonal gates and modding the whole thing. i have a few questions.
first of all,
1.Seimitsu or Sanwa buttons?
I found out that the Seimitsu buttons cost a bit more so i’m guessing they’re of higher quality ???

  1. What are the best joysticks I can get?

3.Should I get a battop or a balltop?

4.Are restrictor plates(gates) sold separately or they come with the joystick you buy?

5.What advantages do snap-in buttons have over regular ones?

6.Any other general tips you can give will be very much appreciated. Any other upgrades you can recommend too.

You can answer any of the questions or just the whole one(that’s why i numbered them)

  1. If you mean Seimitsu buttons you mean the glassy ones, they’re just aesthetically more unique than solid colored ones.

Sanwa buttons are very soft to engage, Seimitsu you can rest on the buttons fine. Both brands have identical lifespans, unless you go for the heavy duty Sanwa OSBX-RG

  1. Sanwa JLF is the most popular, Seimitsu LS-32-01 is second most popular. You might want to consider Seimitsu LS-56-01 if you like octagonal gates.

  2. Can’t decide for you. I only ever played ball top.

  3. JLF come in different SKU’s, just pick one with the flat mounting plate. Seimitsu sticks usually come with their own mounting plates, but you can buy them separately. Seimitsu joysticks have at least two compatible mounting plates.

  4. There is more color variety with snap-ins, at least with solid colored ones both from Sanwa and Seimitsu. I’d say snap-ins are the norm though. For your SE, it’s a wee bit harder to install screw-ins on the LK slot, but it’s doable.

  5. Yes the SE has shitty parts, but you may want to give square gate a chance. After all, it is the standard on most arcades and all commercial sticks.

  1. Seimitsu PS-14-KNs are a bit more expensive because they’re unique in being the only transparent buttons, and PS-14-Ks are discontinued, and highly sought after, making them even more expensive. Sanwa and Seimitsu are the same quality, the main difference being the sensitivity. Sanwa are more sensitive than Seimitsu, but you’ve really gotta have a taste for both to know what you like. Some people can’t stand how hyper-sensitive Sanwa buttons are. But they’re the standard on high-quality stock fightsticks, like the Madcatz TE and Hori VLX. Seimitsu PS-14-GNs are solid color, and the same price as comparable Sanwa OBSF-30s, but the only Seimitsu 30mm Snap ins are PS-15s, which are limited in colors. Screw ins are a bit harder to instal in the SE, but it’s quite doable.

  2. As stated, Seimitsu LS-32-01 or Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK are the big two. Main difference is the throw distance. Seimitsu have a shorter throw distance, while Sanwas have a bit larger of a throw. Of course, the LS-32-01 doesn’t have an octagonal gate available, and would require an LS-56 series to get that octagonal gate.

  3. The choice is up to you, really. I’d try both. I started withg a bat top for a while because of American arcades and Happ sticks, but once I got used to the different feel of the JLF, a bat top seemed like a little overkill. Since a bat top and screw adapter for the bat top (important, will not fit as JLF or LS-32 without one) aren’t too expensive on top of a balltop, I’d give both a shot. But that’s me.

  4. Both come with stock square gates. Order a Sanwa GT-Y (octogate) with your JLF, if you decide to get one.

  5. Mainly, they take up less space and are easier to instal, especially in the SE. The stock SE buttons are basically knockoff OBSF-30s. But if you want Seimitsu, you’re likely going to have to screw in. There’s just a wee little too space to get all of the screws in place, but it’s doable. Just not comfortable.

  6. Give the square gate a chance once you have a real joystick. Sometimes I switch the gates out for different styles of play. Charge characters are way easier on square gate, IMO. But I don’t play a lot of Street fighter, anyways. Lol.

My 2 cents - Rock a bat top, octo gate, and sanwa stick, semitsu buttons (clear ones, so you can integrate them into your stick art), and enjoy !

You can also get a round gate for the LS-32 if you prefer that.

Has anyone actually used the round gate for a LS-32? It seems browsing the forum if someone wants to try a Seimitsu joystick without using square gate, the LS-56+octagonal is recommended. Any reason to not use the LS-32 with round?

Nerrage, you keep forgetting that Seimitsu PS-15 is not the only 30mm Snap-in.
There is Seimitsu PS-14-G and PS-14-P also.

^The kicker is that I prefer Seimitsu buttons. >_>

I’d say just get used to square gate and ball top.

Unless you’re not the kinda guy who likes to rock up at arcades and hope to kick arse.

Remember for next time!