Need help for dimensions with custom fighstick

This is what I got from slagcoin:


Joystick mounting height: 23mm-24mm between the bottom of the ball top and the top of the control panel (reference: Paik)
Joystick top panel hole: 24mm diameter circle (plus or minus a few millimeters will work too)
Standard button hole: 30mm diameter circle
Small button hole: 24mm diameter circle
Snap-in button depth (standard and small): 2mm-4mm panel thickness
Screw-in button depth: 0mm-8mm panel thickness
Screw-in standard button nut diameter: 36mm
Screw-in small button nut diameter: 29.5mm

I’m getting the OBSC-30mm ones:
and also the 24mm version.

Some of these dimensions are hard to understand though, which is problematic because I’m cutting my own wood piece at the CNC machine at work. I’ll be working with a 1 inch wood panel, and I need to know both how much to counterbore from the bottom surface of the front panel, as well as how big to make the hole.

First question: If I’m using a 30mm button, does that mean that the hole I drill is actually 30mm, or is that the diameter of the button itself? What about 24 mm? In addition, if you look at this picture (, you can see there are similar sanwa button models. How does the obsc diameters compare to those shown?

Second question: How much do I have to reduce the 1 inch thickness so that the button will fit on? I understand that the part I picked doesn’t have a screw on nut like other ones usually do; is this bad, and how do I even secure it? If it’s just a clip on, how much clearance does it need to lock it in place securely?

Finally, do you suggest me to pick another button with a nut instead? From what I understand, cylinders with clips are typically used for thinner surfaces (?) while ones that screw in are for all types. In the event that I DON’T want to counterbore my panel and just use the 1 inch thickness of the wood, which would I choose then?

Just as a side note, I have the option of using 1" wood or 0.75" HDPE plastic. Which is preferred?

Sorry for the text, any help would be appreciated!

  1. The HOLE is 30mm (or 24mm, depending on your button). All Japanese pushbuttons (Sanwas and Seimitsus) are either 30mm or 24mm.

  2. You posted it yourself:

So reduce your 1-inch panel to ~3-4mm.

  1. Again, you posted it yourself:

So screw-in buttons won’t clamp properly either on a 1-inch thick panel.

The diameter is the size of the actual hole you need to drill. I would go with the plastic myself, but thats personal preference. The snap buttons will take several sizes. Are you going to use lexan for your top? If so, don’t worry about counter sinking, in fact your best bet would be to over drill and drill your lexan to the correct dimensions. Or alternatively, go with the Sanwa screw in buttons instead.

thanks guys, just wanted to confirm before i went ahead with it. i won’t be using anything besides the plastic (decided on it over the wood), so I’ll have to counterbore it. Thanks again!