Need help finding images

Whats up everyone? Im trying to find some images from movies, but dont know where to get them. im looking for an image where neo is sitting in the subway on matrix reloaded(might be revolutions) how would i go about getting that image? Is there a website that has them? Can I get it from the movie if I have it? Any help would be appreciated.:smiley:

First of all, try googling it. Seems to work 80% of the time:D :smiley:

first of all…nevermind. i figured out a way to do it. anyways, the reason why im getting these images is so i can blow them up and put them on my wall. check this site out:
u might like it.:wink:

how come when i try to screencapture when a vid is playing, the image comes out blank??? i tried pausing it, but it still wont work. any suggestions?

This is common for ATI cards. Some video cards use an ‘overlay’ mode for output. They do this by making one of your screen’s colors the pass through for video. When this happens, the card is doing all the work and just producing the video ‘through’ that one color. But when you do a screen capture, all you get is that one color. If you put that color on the screen and play the movie again, you’ll see how it passes the video through it. But this doesn’t solve your problem. What you’ll need to do is to either

a) Play the video without using the video card’s driver or

b) Use tmpgenc or some other program to snip the piece of video you want.

Hope this helps…