Need help finding GG songs

Is there a site where they have GGXX,GGXX#R,and GGI songs?? Thanx in advanced.

i think has them

check my online music depot.

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BitTorrent. You should be able to find a torrent with all of the Guilty Gear soundtracks. Be warned though, it’s a gigabyte download, so it’ll take a while.

great site :tup:

Does anyone know where to get high quality Isuka music? I got them, but in really bad quality

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Thank you!

Trying to find the SFEX OST is next to impossible! :tup:

I got some SF EX 2, EX 3, and some GG Isuka’s coming in shortly. Just an FYI… I’ll be launching a strictly VGM ftp soon, so you can get your fixes :wink:

You’d be my hero for 2005 if you can get me Dhalsim’s Darun’s and Volcano Rosso’s theme.

Do EX3 arcade and EX3 PS2 use the same Soundtrack?

If they don’t, which one will you be able to get?

As far as I remember, EX3 was a console-only release, wasn’t it?

If y’all are interested in original Japanese game soundtrack CDs, my business partner and I can hook you up. Our online shop is Hoteiya Las Vegas, and it looks like our supplier in Japan has the Guilty Gear Isuka original soundtrack, the original soundtracks for SFEX, SFEX2, & SFEX3, and the arrange soundtracks for SFEX & SFEX2 in stock. If you’re interested, feel free to send us questions & queries at


You wouldn’t have the Korean versions of the GG XX-Reload soundtrack, since everybody says it’s so good?

Thanks for the link BTW, went right to my favorites folder!

!! I will be taking a look at those STs !!

I will order the SFEX3 in heartbeat! The email has been sent.

THANK YOU! :tup:

I get connection refused now on your site…

P.S. If you have the Maximum Impact OST, please put it up too! Hell, not even the whole OST, just the Iron Hell stage music!

I am in your debt… :pleased:

Yah, it was down… had to do some maintaince, since its also my dedicated game server also (UT2004/COD/CS:S/).

No, that one has eluded me… for now! :badboy:

You mean, this right here??


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