Need help doing ibuki's super jump cancel ultra 2 with controller

Im having trouble doing her sjc ultra 2 i know im supposed to qfc during the fierce hit and then qfcu heavy kick right afterwards but i always end up doing the kazegirl or dash please help.

ps.thanks in advance

Assuming your inputs are correct:

kazegiri = you were too fast
dash = watch your negative edge

well how do i know when its just right?

When you successfully SJC into U2.

Please ask here next time instead of making a new thread: Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

You’ll know when you do it correctly when you see the opponent surrounded in some kind of white dust, and that it combos into it.

By the way since you do it on pad, I can give an extra option to do the SJC into U2. I usually had problems trying to buffer the directional motion during the end of light punch and medium punch, and then ending it with heavy punch, qcfu, all three kicks.
So instead, Mingo told someone else to do the inputs just right after heavy punch. And it feels alot more smoother for me. You can do either way, but here’s the other way of doing it:

Facing on the right: :lp::mp::hp:: Then quickly into :d::df::f::d::df::f::uf: :3k:
*Remember to do the full TC4 combo, so that it does maximum damage.
Which ever way you pick works. Although the method above- you must input quicker then the one you mentioned.
*By the way, if you’re still having trouble, input the qcfu first, then qcf last. Either way works.

It should be easier on a controller. You don’t have to do the motion fast, just make sure you do it accurately. Inputting the kicks has to be done around the time Ibuki would otherwise jump of you just high jumped.

i cannot tell you how many times ive watched that video xD. i use analog by the way not pad and are you saying i should do the qfcu during the fierce hit then qfc?

I wonder if that video guy even knows what SJC stands for, or what the real name of Ibuki’s ultra 2 is.

I use the xbox 360 analog stick as my main source of directions.
If I’m assuming you mean the way that its shown on the video, once again standing on the left, facing to the right: :lp::mp::d::df::f::uf::hp: :d::df::f: :3k:
Just a note that you can either end it with qcf or qcfu, it just depends which one you feel most comfortable with, or feels easier to do.

THANK YOU! i do qfcu during fierce instead of at the end and it works now i just need to get my bread and butters down

Wow, doing the qcfu first then qcf works? All this time I’ve been thinking you tiger knee/diagonal up at the end was so the initial down command and then the up would be the super jump command with just a bunch of inputs between.

(I’m a controller user as well)

Yea, When I was a begginer I didn’t know you could do it either way. However I just found that doing qcfu first is much easier to do.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to do the damn sjc command dash after her cr. rh->st.rh and I’ll be set…
(I find this 100x harder)