Need help doing air inf

im a amature IM player,ican do the basic inf. but im having trouble doing ;launch,lk,up+hp,ad up,lk,up+hp,fly,lk,up+hp,unfly,and then i dont know what to do IM just drops down even if i try to do another lk,up+hp can anyone help?:smiley:

ray sux

Sure teach him how to fight/play Please. B.B. HOOD Forever!!!

if you are droping straight to the ground after the lk,u+fp,unfly you are not in unfly. you have to be hit by a select group of moves to be put into unfly. for example if someone launches you and doesn’t follow up so you flip over and land on your feet your in unfly. Also cables throw ,magnus S.FP, and Storms S.FP are just a few moves that will put you into unfly. hope this helps. if you already knew this just ask me to send you a vid of me doing it. cause i am just about done making my tribute vid to iron man.

ray sux

Ace, you got to unfly man. B.B. HOOD FOREVER!!!

thanx Assassin Inc187!!

ive almost got the combo now ,i just need a little practice (probably alot). but i would still like to see the IM tribute video i hope you put the IM song in there I AM IRON MAN !

just to make sure

hey Assassin Inc187 just to make sure the combo is launch,lk,up+hp,ad up,lk,up+hp,fly,lk,up+hp,unfly,up+hp,ad up,lk,up+hp repead right??

ya… but at some point, the other guy’ll get too high, and you’ll halfta replace the lk, u+hp; with lp, u+hp

that is correct gbursine. they will want to go off the the screen but they can’t so they get pushed away futher so you have to use the lp instead.
I will have the vid done tonight but i need to find someone to host it for me, but if i can’t i will just post to tell you to get it from me via. AIM

Yeah I actually am working on this infi my friend Sorry ass hell has it down pat.
Is that Video still an option cause I would like to see it.
My email is Thanks.:cool:


hey guys could sombody type up the combo again for me i cant get it through my head i have no idea what im doing wrong i though i had it for a while but somehow i lost (im thick headed) somebody correct this combo if any thing is wrong with it launch,lk,up+hp,ad up,lk,up+hp,qcb+kk,lk,up+hp,then i get lost do i do another qcb+kk? or another dash up??if i do another qcb+kk IM does that drop thing again ,if anybody helps me can they type in commands(qcb+kk instead of fly)

thanx in advance guys!!:smiley:


help people ive tryied everything i just cant figure it out ! i need help:( :frowning: :frowning:

Yo ace i have the vid done if you want me to send it to you through aim. My screen name is assassin inc 187

hey assassin inc 187, id love to see the vid man ill hit you up on aim:D

hey assassin can you still post the combo just in case thanx:p

if anybody has any suggestions or combos to help out my IM please feel free !!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i dont really have any good strategies with IM i just kind of stay away and call out assists or try to get people into the basic inf can anyone help me out with this my team is Iron man/cable/psylocke…:smiley:

yo ace if you want to hop on aim i will send you the vid.

IF any of you guys want the vid now you can get it off of edonkey if you don’t have edonkey i will re-install kazzaa and put it on there too. that or just IM me and you can get it that way. those are the only ways right now untill i get it uploaded to a site

Alright the vid will be up on later today just look for it in the media section

Whatup Assasin…i went to that site you posted…but it ain’t there!

I gues i’ll hit you up on aim cuz i really have NO idea on how to do it…like i can do the infinite up to this point:

launch, lk, up + fp, ad/up, lk, up + fp, fly, lk, up + fp, unfly …that’s it

After i do the unfly Ironman just floats all the way down…I press the buttons to hit the next part of the combo…but he doesn’t do it! He just falls down!

can someone help?