Need Help Doing 720/SPD Motion on TE Stick

Topic pretty much says it all. I am transitioning from a charge character to Hakan in Super, and I am having a lot of problems getting his Super and U1 to come out consistently. I have been spending time in training mode, but I think it would be nice to get a little guidance from those who have the 720 motion down. Regular 360 I am ok with, but not the double motion for the Ultra and Super. Does anyone have any tricks or guidance to help get out the 720 motion consistently? I am using a stock Madcatz TE Fightstick.

Well its really a 540 motion but w/e, break it out during the recovery of another move(buffer it whatever the hell you call it)…e.g during a Focus Dash Cancel, after a special move, or really anything where you cannot jump while doing… I do not know how to teach you to do this move while standing…

doing this move standing still sounds hard as fuck considering there are no super jumps in this game but a good way to get used to the motion is doing it during a jump in, after a focus dash cancel, a normal attack that takes a while to retract or during block stun. They are the situations you’ll find yourself using it a lot as well.

Don’t be afraid to loosen up your grip on the stick either. I’ve noticed that a lot of players don’t let the ball on the stick roll along their fingers or palm but instead choose to always have to guide it with a grip. You kinda know what I mean? Or nah?

I do know what you mean, I am riding the gate quite a bit when I do 360 and QCF motions. I will try loosening up a little bit and see if that helps.

Training mode, input display

See what inputs you’re dropping

Being a little looser on the stick kind of works. its easier to use a wineglass style grip where you have the stick between your middle and index at somepoint or another…
you don’t really have to ride the gate to make it work.
Hit up training mode just like Echo said and watch your inputs…