Need help dealing with vega

ever since i start playin sf4 i’ve been having problem with vega, especially his backflip. any kind of advise on how 2 deal with that or his other moves with be greatly appreciate.

[From the match up thread sticked at the top of the forum. BTW.]

Vega (Claw)

Guaranteed Demons:
blocked Flying Claw
blocked Flipkick
blocked d/f+MK (super only)

Tatsu > Sweep?

When playing against Vega, its back to basics; Shoryu his jump in attempts, teleport when needed, and force him into action with fireballs. FADC?ing his Wall Dives will give you an opportunity to punish, but beware the throw. If you seem to always get thrown, simply short teleport out. Vega has no answer to your teleport, and sometimes this will lead to a free punish combo. Once you have the lead, just sit on it and run away, there?s not really anything that Vega can do to stop you.

For a change of pace, you can take the offensive in this matchup. His wanna-be flip kick is not a reliable AA, so feel free to cross up and dive kick pressure him into making a mistake. Pressuring with the HK works well to get you in range, once you?re there just stay in his face looking for that opening to dish out a big damage combo. If he flips away, walk forward a bit then HK to catch him with a heavy combo.

-Teleport away from his Wall Dives if you?re unsure about how to handle it

  • Be wary of throwing fireballs when he has ultra?as in don?t.
  • Abuse his lack of a good AA to put pressure on and gain the lead
  • Watch for patterns when he uses his dodging flip; bait and punish

Personally… rush him down he doesn’t have many options once you lock him into the corner. If you see him wall dive/jump at you a crouching fierce punch usually takes care of all of them. If you see him do that roll attack its a free demon. As for the back flip… do you mean the teleport type back flip? If you are quick enough and see him doing this it’s also a free demon or at the worst a free standing HK combo.


A mate of mine mains Vega. He can be a tricky fight once he has room to to breathe but I find I do okay once I pile on lots of offence.

As Jason has said, demon that back-flip stuff. I personally tend to walk and then do standing roundhouse, though be careful as Vega can sneak out an EX flip kick if you fluff your placement and timing.

Watch out for his pokes. This is where I take most of my damage. Vega has very effective pokes by way of his standing fierce and crouching strong.

I agree re: crouching fierce for his wall dives. If in doubt, just teleport. Also watch out for whiffed df+roundhouse. Vega uses this to get close quickly and grab you.

thx u pretty much answered all my questions :slight_smile:

I still fall for his flying barcelona crossup and blocking high hits the back of my head and scores the knockdown. I’m always hesitant to teleport those or walk forward or jump because of his silly mixups. His FBA might be short, he throws in the air, and teleporting might make me worse off than before.

at full screen, its the worst problem I have.

I had problems with Vega too, then I realised rushing him down was the best option as he can only really do that gay backflip out of it but then use the standing HK to take him out. I find Focus attacks help a lot

Yea, it’s just a matter of knowing his little bag of tricks. His d+f roundhouse (his kick that he jumps forward to do) he can try to tick throw with. On knockdown he can dash forward and Cosmic Heel OVER you, to attack on the side you’re probably not blocking on at wakeup.

His Sky High Claw attack isn’t usually too hard to block on cross up attempts unless you’re pretty close to a corner. EX comes out faster so that also may be a little tricky at first.

Vega’s Ultra… He can hold the charge during flips, so don’t get fireball happy or stupid if he’s just spamming flip across screen. He can end that flip to an Ultra and you’d probably look silly if you fell for that type of attack. Another thing about his Ultra… I feel like an asshole betraying the Claw players community (or what’s left) for mentioning, but you can DASH through Vega’s Ultra. I’ll repeat. YOU CAN DASH THAT SHIT. If you successfully dash his Ultra, he will go right through you no harm done and he’ll have lost an Ultra meter. Granted, you could block it just as easily as dash it.

Other than that Vega has great normals like previously mentioned. Great range with his Claw attached with his and standing fierce. He plays a mean game of poke and run, so just get to know the range on his pokes.

Have fun hurting poor Vega. :frowning:

I feel bad for his ultra. he can only hit one half of the screen and is very blockable. I think it could even be worse than guiles…

Abuse teleports and roundhouses. I always wait for him to wall flip, then I do the short teleport, which puts me right into roundhouse range for a free round house - BnB.

Once you get a knock down just stay on him. Round house, demon flip mix-ups.

If you see him back flip, punish him. Demon or round house.

rush his ass down. st. hk mixups all day. and what everyone else said. dont give him space or time to charge. for the ones that do the flying crossup all the time, a st. hk will make him whiff so u can toss him right after.

jump back round house…cHP…far sHK->combo…that is all

I play against vega the total opposite, I just turtle his ass. c.HP his wall dives, tech his little tick throw, shoryu his slides. pretty much he cant do shit to me