Need help confirming

I’ve been practicing cr. LK, cr. LK x Super with Ryu/Ken but am trouble confirming consistently. People have insisted that I should be able to do it but after some practice I still find it very difficult.

I was about to resign myself to putting a cr. LP in between the LK’s but I realized it doesn’t work on Urien (maybe more?). Maybe this is something you either have or don’t (I’m kinda old btw) but if it’s something you don’t know until you REALLY try, then I’m gonna try. What do you guys think?

More practice.

Some characters its just the 2 shorts, yeah.
What’s said is “buffer” super out of the last hit.

There are old man characters… BackFierce LowForward confirms… “Dirty old man”


Large thigh women joke you know the one. Oro of course doesn’t have those confirms.

This is just from my experience:
When doing the’s, try staring at the spot where the collision occurs. If you see the white “bubbles” appear then proceed to pump that second qcf.

“Old man characters” lol. Imma listen to ryan, more practice.

cong, I’ll try that next time I practice. Just to make sure, you’re basically doing the super motion, hitting LK on EACH of the downs, and another LK at the end if it’s connecting? (As opposed to doing super motion just from last LK.) Please bear with these questions guys, I’ve never been an execution monster at any game :frowning:

EDIT: Oh yeah, HAX someone showed me how generous Chun’s low forward is for confirming into Super. I’ll be surprised if there’s a better low forward in all of SF lol.

Quoted for the truth. There is no trick, no gimmick, nor short cut.

What’s your problem exactly? Pure execution issue or actually being able to confirm if it hits?
If execution --> spot what’s wrong (if you have another game with input display, it’ll be easier)
If confirming --> training mode, dummy set to random guard, results will come with patience

I recommend trying:
(Down + Lk),
(Down + Lk, Down-Forward, Forward),
(Down + Lk (If you have already seen the “bubbles” by this point, do Down-Forward, Forward and piano or p-link the punches/kicks))

I find it easier to restrain yourself from doing the super if you leave out more parts of it, because that final button press is very tempting.

It’s a little easier for Ryu because his super requires pressing punches rather than kicks so there’s no chance of accidental super. You might also want to practice doing the hit-confirm starting from a Down-Back position for practical purposes, because you should be blocking low most of the time.

I’m all for practicing, but you need to tell him the method first. Blindly practicing usually leads to nothing until you stumble upon some technique–this could take months if you’re living in a place w/ no scene (as I have learned myself :C).

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cong cong

ESN, it’s both but the reason I’ve kinda been using the terms interchangeably is because I thought maybe there is a method of execution that makes confirming easier.

cong, thanks, I get I’m pretty much supposed to start rolling after the first LK (if you’re aiming for 2, from your last post it seems like you talking doing 3 in which case second naturally).

The rest of you guys, thanks for encouraging me to train more. I already feel I’m starting to get better.

sit in training mode with no block on until you have the execution down

after that, sit in training mode with random block on until you have the confirm down

after that, take it to real matches and put it to use

throw in an arcade mode intermediate step if you need to. just gotta break it down to as many small components as you need to get it working.

Don’t forget to listen with you eyes and see with your ears. Very important. Both are very very important.