Need help completing this image of all MvsC3 titles (Misc just for fun thread)


Help me complete this image that shows all Marvel Vs Capcom 3 titles. I don’t have pictures of all the titles, and I don’t know where some titles would go.

Please take a look at this, it shows all the titles I’m missing

I don’t have pictures of the titles you get for
Winning 75 / 100 / 200 ranked fights
Events 6, 7, 23, 25, 27 & 31.

I have the pictures for Shadow Battles 4-15, but I don’t know where they go. Please take a look at this picture and please tell me where each title would go in the other picture?

Thank you very much.

P.S. Also if you want to see the entire list of titles that I’ve got pictures for, please look here

Ok, I got all the titles but I don’t know how to link them since the files are so big (one is like 4 MB). I made a post at the Capcom Unity site with them, here is the link.


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